Episode 157: Webcomics

Dasien: Girl Of Goo Where Are You?

Dasien: Girl Of Goo Where Are You?

Today, we’re joined by Comic Connoisseur co-host JT from Saskatoon as we talk about webcomics.

Hey, we talk about cartoons a little bit.

Episode 156: The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

The Worst of Tom & Jerry

Happy Halloween!

Nothing says Halloween like terrible Tom & Jerry cartoons!(???)

Yes, we’ll be talking about the Filmation Tom & Jerry Comedy Hour as well as Hanna Barbera’s Tom & Jerry Show. We’ll also mention Gene Deitch and “The Karate Guard”.

Strangely, we never mentioned the movie. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Also mentioned:

Video Game Reviewers Who Are Awesome!

This is not your regularly-scheduled Animation Aficionados. This is a relief for anyone who’s been following the gaming press drama that’s been going on since late August. We’re not going to talk about that. Instead, we’re going to shift focus to video game reviewers that we like.

These are all YouTube guys. I might provide links later, if anyone is interested. For now, most of the noteworthy ones can be seen in the videos below.

Episode 153: The Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

You knew we had to talk about this. Joining us is Kittyhawk. This was recorded shortly after watching the 5-minute teaser for the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover. We were kinda hard on it, but then again, Ben and I aren’t big Family Guy fans.

After the show, Ben and I sit down and talk about things we’ve seen. He saw the new TMNT movie. I saw some whiny Robotech fan crying about Happy Console Gamer. We discuss both.

Below are some videos of content discussed in the show:

Episode 152: Homestar Runner

The Homestar Runner Cast

The Homestar Runner Cast

This week, we talk about the Homestar Runner! Joining us is Kittyhawk of SGVY.com! We talk about kicking the Cheat and dropping heavy lourdes on Homsar.

We also discuss other early internet phenomena, such as Camp Chaos, the Fic Bitches, Cat Man, Regurge, Twisted Wire, Odd Todd, and other weird things we used to look up on the internet ten or more years ago.

Visit homestarrunner.com!