We Are Aficionados

We are the Animation Aficionados! What do we do?  Every week, we discuss animation of the past and present.  Join us and our weekly round table!  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!  We LOVE to have anyone willing to debate(logically), as long as they are passionate and clear.  Even if you disagree with us, we WANT you on.

Ben The HostBen – The Host
Hi, I’m Ben, the host of Animation Aficionados, and moderator of discussion on the show.  I love classic animation, and look for a great mix of quality story with quality animation techniques.  However, I do hold an A+ story can make up for C- animation.

America's Sweetheart, TV's Mr. NeilTV’s Mr. Neil
Mr. Neil is a big fan of 80’s animation and anime as well as classic stuff like Hanna-Barbara and Jay Ward animation. He likes science fiction as long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a true aficionado. He’s soft-spoken, but he has a lot of passion. And he carries a big stick. Neil prefers to inject humor when and wherever possible. …Also, he’s not on TV.

Neil recommends the following internet programs:
Retronauts Active Time Babble RetrowareTV All Gen Gamers Fast Karate Greatest Movie EVER! DVD Podblast Film Pigs The Ben Heck Show