Episode 158: Scary Cartoons

Bottom left corner.  Someone made a weird Garfield cartoon.

Bottom left corner. Someone made a weird Garfield cartoon.

After I take a moment to tell off other podcasters for being a bunch of thankless douches, Ben and I sink our teeth into some scary cartoons. It’s not our most organized show. We basically ramble on about a whole lotta nuthin’.

But we make each other laugh, and that’s what’s important.

7 thoughts on “Episode 158: Scary Cartoons

  1. Nice to hear you guys back. I was kinda wondering what had happened to the show, but then your opening rant had me remember the whole podcast copyright mess.

    As for nightmare fuel-type shows, I would have to bring up the last parts of Evangelion (especially the End of Evangelion movie). That one was not meant for young children. Because of that movie, I refuse to watch the new series.

  2. Good show guys, glad to see you back.
    It didn’t really scare me but it was really actually really fucked up in a really awesome way, remember Inhumanoids? That show had balls, it’s amazing it was on ever on tv, didn’t last long though, shame.

  3. Good to see you guys are still making the show. I still remember the one bit of Halloween animation that kind of stuck with me. The Simpsons getting torn inside out by that fog and then dancing. It didn’t scare me much, it just stayed there in the back of my mind and popped up to define the term “Now that’s messed up.”

    As far as Eva’s concerned, I am really happy to leave the old series where it is in my thoughts: mostly unwatched. And continue with the Rebuild movies. At least something happens in them aside from us all seeing how mentally jacked up the characters and creator were.

    I’m real glad you guys are still hanging in there.

  4. It was great to hear you back, guys. Good discussion. There are some scary cartoons on YouTube. Just search for them. There is one claymation video with Einstein, IIRC, that is very weird. Anyway, keep the shows coming.

  5. Surprised (not really) that neither of you brought up the inhumanoid transformation scene. I saw this at just the right age were I still remember it to this day.

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