Episode 157: Webcomics

Dasien: Girl Of Goo Where Are You?

Dasien: Girl Of Goo Where Are You?

Today, we’re joined by Comic Connoisseur co-host JT from Saskatoon as we talk about webcomics.

Hey, we talk about cartoons a little bit.

3 thoughts on “Episode 157: Webcomics

  1. Well, I guess I have some new Web comics too read (the JL8 sound like it would be a good read). Anyway, I really hope someone help that poor poor guy, by taking him to a group home. Living with his mother isn’t helping, I feel so sad for him. He really need professional help. Also, why do people get mad about Sonic? Let the poor hedgehog die already Sega, he only make four good games.
    Sigh, I have a feeling PewDiePie will host RAW one day. What happen to WWE? (At lease NXT is good)

  2. The “fuck her in the pussy” YouTube videos show us modern people how old school media trolling is done. Before the Internet. You had to suffer the consequences of your trolling in real time. You could not mask yourself with the Internet.

  3. Hey guys, it’s been a while since your last update, hope everything it’s okay. Assuming that everything is alright I do hope you make more updates, I’d be sorry to see these podcasts go away (this one and the Comic Connoisseurs), they are really good.

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