Episode 154: Saturday Morning is Dead

sat_abc_1980Confession time. With episode 122 of Animation Aficionados, we jumped the gun. We mourned the loss of Saturday morning, but we didn’t actually realize that this year would mark its official death. This past Saturday, there were no major networks running cartoon blocks. It’s dead. It’s finally dead! You maniacs! You blew it all up!

So join Ben and myself as we retread this topic. It’s truly a sad time to be a child of the 80s. We’ll miss you Saturday morning.

We had some good times. Waking up at the ass crack of dawn. Setting the VCR. Eating shitty cereal. Oogling at the toy commercials. And most importantly, consuming the very worst that Hanna-Barbara, Ruby-Spears, and Dic had to offer.

One thought on “Episode 154: Saturday Morning is Dead

  1. It is sad in a sense, but also its been like forever since there was anything really worth watching on Saturday morning so I feel like I’ve been eased into a shrug of my shoulders over it. I think the last show I thought was worth watching during Saturday morning was probably that second TMNT cartoon on 4kids, but that literally came out like 10 years ago.

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