Video Game Reviewers Who Are Awesome!

This is not your regularly-scheduled Animation Aficionados. This is a relief for anyone who’s been following the gaming press drama that’s been going on since late August. We’re not going to talk about that. Instead, we’re going to shift focus to video game reviewers that we like.

These are all YouTube guys. I might provide links later, if anyone is interested. For now, most of the noteworthy ones can be seen in the videos below.

6 thoughts on “Video Game Reviewers Who Are Awesome!

  1. A game reviewer I really like is Rerez. He looks for the positives in some of the worst games ever made, and also looks for negatives in some of the most popular games ever made. (He mostly sticks to the former, though.)

  2. As far as game reviews go, MrBTongue is worth checking out. Have you ever wondered what Plinkett reviews would look like if he covered games? This is the guy who does it.

  3. Sweet, new YouTube videos to watch
    I don’t have any suggestions, since the the review I watch is really to my taste. And my taste can be crazy sometime
    I disagree with the Red Letter Media about Sonic, because I wasn’t hook by the marketing as a kid for Sonic. I got it for my birthday (I wanted a Super Nintendo), but I got a Sega 🙁
    I enjoy playing old Sonic games, I still enjoy playing to this day. Even Sonic Gen was a great game, so I don’t think is overrated (but I think it should stop making games)
    And I disagree with Kittyhawk about Nintendo failing this gen, the gen isn’t over yet and they still can bounce back (But I’m a Nintendo fanboy LOL!)
    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions

    • My opinion of the old Sonic games is reversed from nearly everyone else. Everyone thinks that Sonic 1 and 2 are the best, and I just think they’re okay. Sonic 3 gets dismissed a lot, but I think it’s actually the best of the generation. I don’t understand the criticism at all.

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