Episode 153: The Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

Simpsons Meet Family Guy

You knew we had to talk about this. Joining us is Kittyhawk. This was recorded shortly after watching the 5-minute teaser for the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover. We were kinda hard on it, but then again, Ben and I aren’t big Family Guy fans.

After the show, Ben and I sit down and talk about things we’ve seen. He saw the new TMNT movie. I saw some whiny Robotech fan crying about Happy Console Gamer. We discuss both.

Below are some videos of content discussed in the show:

8 thoughts on “Episode 153: The Simpsons Meet Family Guy

  1. Ouch, Kittyhawk. I feel so bad for liking American Dad! even more, I don’t believe I stupid. 🙁
    Anyway, I will not watch that episode of The Simpsons x Family Guy. I don’t find either shows to be entertaining anymore and I don’t want to waste my time watch it. I really believe both shows should end now
    I still can’t believe The Simpsons have been around since I was a little baby, I might miss it when it leave (not Family Guy)
    I never notice the stage thing from Family Guy before, I knew something was off in the crossover preview but I couldn’t put my finger on it until you guys point it out. (Now I can’t unsee it) That what I love about your podcast, so much information about animation.
    TNMT, I’ll never watch that movie as long as I still breathing. I never want to give Bay my money or time ever again, after Transformers 2. (it funny that I still watch NC)
    I like Mr.Plinkett responds to NC, when I first watch his Star War video I just keep sighing

  2. Holy…
    That Mr. Plinkett video is bad.
    He is vulgar and offensive, keeps using strawman arguments and rarely argues why he does not like a particular part
    He generally comes of as the worst kind of internet denizen there is and nothing else

    • Oh come on. Vulgar and offensive? *eyeroll* Don’t be that person.

      What strawman arguments? Are you talking about the video above or the actual source from which the clips are from. It’s not like he’s actually responding to Doug here. (I hope that’s not what you thought.) This is a video spliced together from two unrelated sources, and it’s done for comedic effect by a third party.

      If you’re going to say that he doesn’t make arguments for the things he doesn’t like, then I’m going to call you out and say that you’ve never watched a Plinkett video, because he actually goes into detail on every single argument. Even if you disagree with his criticisms of the movies, you can’t just say that he rarely argues his points. I’m not going to let you get away with saying that. Come on. That’s ridiculous.

      Ando so it’s vulgar. Some of us have a healthier appreciation for dark humor.

    • Doug Walker actually wins the award as the worst kind of internet denizen. Look at his ‘points’ about ‘good things’, based entirely on his own feelings, which Mr. Plinkett totally demolished.

      And the thing is, the points Plinkett made are the same points that I myself made when the prequels were first released. The points Doug made were almost like he was watching a completely different movie. A great example is when Doug said he liked Hayden Christensen as Anakin, admitted his performance SUCKED, and granted it because he could ‘glare’ and look menacing.

  3. You can never count out Harry Shearer getting the boot/quitting from the Simpsons, right? Even if he does voice a ton of characters, he kind of has a sketchy reputation. He seems more likely to quit than get the boot though.

  4. We are going to be the only civilization that will collapse because we have two thirty year olds crying over whether or not we should kick start “Robotech”.

  5. They should’ve just gotten the South Park crew to write it. They handled both shows far better than the writers of the actual shows.

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