Episode 150: Food Fight!

fuck this movie

Lies. All lies.

Wow. Just…wow.

Folks, I am depressed. Here it is, episode 150, and we watched a movie so foul that it pushes both Robin & Dreamweavers and Eight Crazy Nights off the tip top of my top movie shit list and claims the number one spot. Holy shit, folks. It’s Food Fight!. And no, that exclamation point doesn’t mean I’m excited. That’s actually part of the title.

Words just cannot describe my disappoint. What a way to celebrate our sesquicentennial podcast.

Joining us this week is the constantly awesome Kittyhawk, who radiated sunshine to pierce the dark cloud cast by this movie.

Extra reading: “The Long Strange Odyssey of Foodfight

Here is the original trailer for the film:

Not great, but it’s passable.

Now here’s what it ultimately ended up looking like:

And here’s the only Food Fight that will ever be near and dear to my heart:

2 thoughts on “Episode 150: Food Fight!

  1. This quote is what I feel after I watch Food Fight, That was so terrible, I think you gave me cancer! Man, I waste my time, I could have been watching a pop culture critic. At lease then I might have got a laugh
    Any who, I don’t watch pop culture critics because they share my opinion. I just watch (technically listen) them when I doing something else. I hate having a quiet room and I don’t want to use any podcast because I like listening to them on the way to work or exercising. I probably should find other things, but I to lazy to do so
    Man, Kittyhawk and Ben make me feel so bad for liking Love Hina and Negima when I was younger. The sad thing about it, I still have those volumes.
    I love The Seven Deadly Sins, it an awesome shonen Manga and Fairy Tail I still is upset about the fight with Sting. It seem like One Piece is the only Shonen Manga that keep me entertain week after week. But Bleach been good
    Oh yeah, Ben. The main character in UQ Holder don’t really know what he wants, he just leeching dreams from his friends. And I should really stop reading series I don’t like
    Sorry for the typo

  2. How did you guys get through watching this?! Kittyhawk had the right idea, I probably would do the same. My face scrunched just trying to watch the trailer….. I just tried again. I’m almost in tears over here!

    I jumped when Kittyhawk mentioned Rinne. I was all, “what are you— oh, duh.” Too close to my own name! I haven’t seen Rinne, so I can’t comment. Not sure if I should…

    Did you guys watch any of Dragon Hunters yet?

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