Episode 147: Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Joining the podcast this week is Pablo Praino and Kittyhawk of SGVY.com!

We discuss Kill la Kill, which was still running new episodes at the time of this recording. It’s a show about two girls wearing as little clothing as possible so as to kick as much ass as possible.

Sounds like something right up our alley!

3 thoughts on “Episode 147: Kill la Kill

  1. Kill la Kill’s greatest strength is definitely the animation and the contagious sense of enjoyment flowing from it. You can tell these people have both the craft and the energy to pull off something wonderful, especially with this kind of art style. That alone is more than enough reason to watch the series, both for those who appreciate animation and those who just want an great action/comedy show.

    However, I do think its biggest weakness is the script. Yes, it’s a ridiculous show and obviously there’s no need to be realistic, that’s not a problem here..but that doesn’t excuse some sloppy writing, dropping or downplaying of what sounded like promising early plot points (introduced around episode 5 or so).

    There were a few other sloppy moments like parts of Ryuuko’s character arc being somewhat poorly paced and ultimately redundant (girl, how many times will you lose your way? I get what you’re going for, but that’s too much).

    If the show was trying to convey any sort of convincingly “deep” message, I’d have been much happier if it hadn’t messed around as much along the way. Just a little more careful editing and proper planning would have multiplied my enjoyment of the show by 2x, rather than taking away a couple of marks from the score.

    And then there’s also some creepy shit with Ragyo that I’m not even going to describe. At least she did provide some awesome scenes unrelated to that stuff.

    Now that the show is over, I can say the ending was wonderful on a purely visceral level, true to expectations, but I didn’t find what they tried to pull with Senketsu to be effective. I’m happy for Satsuki, Mako and company though. Satsuki in particular was probably the best developed character in the show, even if they could also have done a little more, without going into the creepy shit again and again.

    So yeah…cool show and a I enjoyed your talk about it in such glowing terms. I’m just a bit frustrated, frankly, at the series not living up to its full potential, but only like 75% or 80% of it. Still, I guess that’s better than what the average cartoon or anime accomplishes.

  2. The professor’s shining nipples and “gun” -ahem- is actually a parody(or mockery) of how TV networks in Japan censor most of their more raunchy anime, like that breast-sucking anime. Massive streaks of light, God damn.

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