Episode 142: Holiday Leftovers

The Ridiculous He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special

The Ridiculous He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special

Today’s podcast is a special after-Christmas show about some of the Christmas cartoons we forgot to talk about on the last Christmas episode. We talk about Garfield, Family Circus, and even a Christmas special put out by the phone company.

Kittyhawk joins us again.

Mentioned in the show: Kyle And Luke Talk About Toons.

3 thoughts on “Episode 142: Holiday Leftovers

  1. You mention whether there was an animated Kwanzaa special or not, and in fact there was one. In one of the last seasons of Rugrats they were running out of holidays to portray and thus made a Kwanzaa special their new annual holiday special, and it involved Susie Carmichael and had a cameo appearance by Martin Luther King Jr. (seriously)

    Plus Rugrats not only had a Christmas special, they had TWO different specials on Judaism. The first one was the Passover special, followed by a late season Chanukah episode.

  2. Tv’s Kyle (Kyle Karroza) has for almost a decade made unique Christmas songs amongst other types of music. most of his stuff is on the fump.com btw, 2 questions: 1) will you have an episode of strange canadian cartoons aka class of the titans & Dork hunters from outer space. 2) can I get a copy of the dreamweaver from you for my collection?

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