Episode 141: Thanksgiving Specials

Happy Thanksgiving!Welcome to a new year of Animation Aficionados! Err, don’t ask me why we’re starting the year with a Thanksgiving special. It’s not that this episode was delayed since November. Honestly, we recorded this well after Thanksgiving.

We also veer off topic more than usual in this show, and yet it still manages to be a staggering two hours long. So yes, not only are we giving you an episode themed on a holiday that’s already a month-and-a-half behind us, but it’s also the most digression-tastic episode ever. And the post-show is longer than the regular show.

Next week will be better. But don’t fear, as we have Kittyhawk with us, who is always entertaining.

One thought on “Episode 141: Thanksgiving Specials

  1. I really hope you dedicate an entire episode to “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” as there really is so much to go over, from the fact they actually changed the lyrics to the original song for the movie (grandma in the song got hit by a reindeer because she was drunk, while in the movie it was because she didn’t have her glasses on IIRC) the out-of-left-field song and dance numbers, and most of all it has one of the few big business owners in a childrens cartoon who ISN’T greedy and corrupt.

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