Episode 140: The Anime Grab Bag!

All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku

All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku

Pablo joins us to talk about unusual anime picks. What obscure shows and movies should YOU be watching? Our picks may surprise you. Some of them are subversive. Some of them surreal. But we like anime that’s fun, so there’ll be no existential bullshit in today’s show.

And in a bonus section, we also talk more about the Brian Griffin incident and why Seth McFarlane is actually just trolling the internet.

Duke Togo is greater than Solid Snake

Duke Togo is greater than Solid Snake

7 thoughts on “Episode 140: The Anime Grab Bag!

  1. Ben. I’m so with you on Attack on Titan. It’s just so… grimdark for no reason. So filled with crap that only stirs up emotional response from teenagers. The same kind of “the world is a vampire, crawling in my skiiiinnnn” type of stuff that made me look back on the first Fullmetal Alchemist series(post episode 13) and retch. “Everything you do is useless. It’s all so dark and evil and unfair. The world sucks, and you’re gonna die screaming like an insect under a boot heel.” It’s just so bile-inducing.

    It reeks of old Evangelion Syndrome. And I’m gonna stay far away from that dreck.

  2. OK, no offense to Pablo, and while I respect him, Mikasa was the big reason why I stopped watching AoT. Not my only reason, but #1 on my list. The 2nd half of Eps 2 was painfully Mary Sue-ish for me to watch. I’ll elaborate one day about her, but all I can is after watching 12 episodes, my view on her being a Mary Sue has not changed. Apologies.

    The violence however, as Pablo mentioned, is actually quite censored compared to the manga. While it doesn’t reach the level of Berserk(Oh God, Kentaro Miura is a psychopath. I had nightmares for weeks), it still is up there. Yes, it’s what needed for AoT, but it’s still too much. I don’t like it.

    In contrast, Kill La Kill is a return to the fun old days of anime for me. I’m with Pablo recommending this anime XD. For now, I’m still waiting for a mecha anime that has the real robot types but has some kick-ass epicness and none of the pretentious complicated storytelling that seems to muddy the anime sci-fi genre.

  3. I don’t really see Attack on Titan being grimdark or violence for the sake of being violence, but I do see your point. I watch anime for fun and not for the dark stuff, that one of the reason why I watch Shonen Anime more.
    Hmm, Ben the only anime that (is on now) I think you would like is Kill La Kill (but I haven’t been watching that much Anime), also the new One Piece movies have been good (One Piece movie 6 is awesome)
    All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku was one of my favorite Anime back in the day (I should really get the box set). It was so silly and fun

  4. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. James Woods did come back to life in the episode where Chris was dating a lady who look like his mom. So death in Family Guy is pointless LOL!

  5. Ben, if you’re looking for a fun good vs. evil anime, ever seen Gatchaman? I have only seen a few episodes of the original anime, but I like it. The Blu-ray just came out and watching it last night I was simply blown away by the video quality of this 40 year-old cartoon. It looks beautiful. The animation is gorgeous and I love the designs. It is probably redundant as the series goes on, but if you just want something fun, it might entertain.

  6. Hmmm… what would I say you should watch? I got a kick out of “B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time” Non-hentai (sorry!), traditionally frustrating, all around fun.

    I think you’ve already seen it, but I’m still floored by the very existence of “Squid Girl”.

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