Episode 137: Star Trek The Animated Series

Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

We’ve come back to Filmation to talk about Star Trek: The Animated Series. Surprisingly, it’s a Filmation production that we actually enjoyed! Probably the best thing to come out of the camp of Lou Sheimer.

Joining us today are Kittyhawk and Thomas Revor.

What the hell?!

What the hell?!

5 thoughts on “Episode 137: Star Trek The Animated Series

  1. Whoa, Star Trek cartoon, more Lou S. appreciation, nice. He did give us She-Ra after all, I wish there was a reboot of that!

    So, Mr. Neil, and anyone else, are you going to get a certain kunoichi game on the 3ds eShop this week? I hear it’s full of life and plot.

  2. Man, the only thing I remember of this ST cartoon is 2 cels that seems to be recycled a lot: one of Kirk charging forward towards the screen, the other is two guys just standing still, with one guy in front and the other waaaaay back.

    I can’t really blame Roddenberry as well for decanonizing this series. It’s Filmation we’re talking about. But I’ll try giving this a show a 2nd chance… just have to make the screen smaller so I can bare with the animation.

  3. Good episode, sounds like something that is definitely worth checking out for a Star Trek fan like myself. Also I live in Illinois (appreciate the Bozo talk) but I don’t think that Jack Ryan was really a slam dunk to beat Obama in the senate race had he stayed in the race. I actually kind of think he wouldn’t for a number of reasons.

  4. This always bugged me. It seemed like a cheap way to do another series. It’s odd how Transformers the movie launched Transformers the Animated series and Transformers 3 launched Transformers Prime. Who wouldn’t love a new Star Trek show in the method of Clone wars or whatever. Shit you could do the Excelsior as a show and I think George Takei would voice it!

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