Comic Connoisseurs Episode One

90's Superboy

90’s Superboy

In this debut episode, Host Ben and JT from Saskatoon sit down and talk about their history in comics. They also talk about Flashpoint Paradox, Jonah Hex, and THE Star Wars.

Bonus Podcast! Also be sure to check out Neil’s appearance on The Pullbag with Mike Blanchard. It’s all about Dasien!
Dasien: Chapter 9

3 thoughts on “Comic Connoisseurs Episode One

  1. All right! The comics show has begun. Sooo, I’m guessing the Revenge of the Sexy Girls was episode zero eh? I love that one, I’ve listened to it at least 5 times! The good and bad (new 52) of DC, general comics history, and Thomas Revor’s quote on Liefield “The feet! The man still cannot draw feet!”.

    Well I kinda like the new Catwoman. I’m looking forward to this episode, but I’m still on the Adult Swim Bonus. You guys are pumping these out faster than I can listen to them now! Sweet.

  2. While I’m not a huge fan of the Flash, but I gave the series major props for actually progressing, with Barry Allen passing the torch to Wally West being the Flash. With the Flash series, Allen’s death actually meant something in the comic world where magical resurrection is a common thing(The X-men series did a major role for me to stop collecting comics altogether). So imagine my annoyance when I heard back then that Barry’s back in the series.

    Come on, DC and Marvel, let the likes of Dick Grayson or Bucky be permanent successors to the old guys. Them silly time-travel gimmicks was the already pushing it. God damn it.

  3. Good start to the new podcast! I am glad that you’re going to discuss broader topics in addition to a quick roundup of the latest scheduled releases. I’m not currently reading comics, but have been a life-long fan of the medium and have read them off and on over the years. Hell, I’ve even created my own comics. You’ve gained yourself another listener.

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