Episode 135: Remembering Lou Scheimer

The Filmation Age

Kittyhawk and Pablo join us this week as we look back upon the career of Lou Scheimer, the man behind Filmation.

4 thoughts on “Episode 135: Remembering Lou Scheimer

  1. Oh! You mentioned me.

    Yeah, when I posted the comment, I was less “How dare you like Gisèle?” and more surprised. I mean, you’re the same people who hate Teen Titans, and the characterization in Eerie Cuties is just as annoying and flat as in that show. Though I suppose Gisèle’s art is much better. I guess I can understand if you just like to look at it.

    • Being one of the few in the show that do enjoy the Teen Titans tv series and the least familiarized with Gisele´s work, I´m not the best to answer this, but I thought I´d give it a shot.
      I just went to the Eerie Cuties website and read all the comic so far to check what the fuzz was about. I´d say too bad that the badwebcomics wiki went offline, but then again, why bother reading a website which its only purpose is to say something sucks?
      First of all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, whether someone likes or doesn´t like story or art it´s entirely up to one´s preferences. As for liking a person, I´d say that´s the same, but how someone treats you is a big extra.
      As for the characterization in Eerie Cuties contrasted to the one in Teen Titans, Eerie Cuties has something going for it which is having Original Storylines and Characters. It´s harder to say how flat or deep a character is being represented if you don´t know what´s behind that character. Teen Titans, being a media translation of an existing property, has some expectations behind it, given that those same characters have been portrayed before in different ways and have “something to live up to” in a certain way. Eerie Cuties set out to be a very Archie influenced comedy and it succeded at it, Teen Titans had more issues when it come to what direction they were aiming for and it got mixed reactions for it. It´s no surprise to see it re-tooled into a flash animated sitcom.
      Then, with the whole bi-sexual character thing…I gotta say you prepared me for something else…I went in to see a whole bi-sexual character cast and found that the majority was *gasp* heterosexual! Still, there are plenty lesbians, bi-curious, gay and (magically) transgendered characters so as not to feel that it wasn´t “diverse enough”. I gotta be curious about what said specific actual bi-sexual woman had to complain about but I wouldn´t take her word as absolute. It´s like saying “an actual heterosexual male felt something something” and making a broad generalization out of it that EVERY BI-SEXUAL WOMAN OUT THERE HATES EERIE CUTIES!
      As for the whole “it was creepy when the characters acted uncomfortable with not being straight” after reading it I can say it´s pretty much the opposite. The characters that go through something similar like that are more uncomfortable with not being their usual selves, and very much embrace these new male/female/gay/straight selves as something normal as time goes on.
      Don´t just go with what someone says about any topic, especially when it comes to art. DO check out, read, watch, enjoy or hate all things by yourself. You´re a unique person with a unique view on life and life experiences! It´s such a huge random accumulation of events that shaped each of us to be who we are that we should cherish every time we find someone who likes the same things we do!
      The REAL reason why reviews exist is to let people know SOMETHING exists out there and share your feelings on it.
      Ok, I´ve overdone this comment, I´ll stop wasting your time. Take care!

  2. You mentioned Ctrl-Alt-Del being garbage, but did you know Tim Buckley literally commissioned a two season 24 episode animated web series based around his comic? It’s somehow even more terrible than the webcomic itself.

    Season 1 Episode 1


    Season 2 Episode 2


    Of course thanks to the magic of the internet people immediately found ways to actually improve the show

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