Adult Swim Bonus Episode

Which one is the stuck-up rich girl?  Trick question!  THEY ALL ARE!

Which one is the stuck-up rich girl? Trick question! THEY ALL ARE!

Today’s episode is all about fighting games, cherry Pop Tarts, bat bombs, Godzilla, Gatorade, Xanadu, Robert Pattinson’s face, Power Rangers, Amazing Spider-Man, real-life Iron Man, Dandruff Girl, Doug Walker watches Sailor Moon, terrible movie pitches, Christianity in anime, shitty cable networks, horrors from the world of webcomics, and which girl is the leader of Totally Spies! Yes, it’s an outtakes episode, and we’re joined in separate segments by Ren and Kittyhawk!

10 thoughts on “Adult Swim Bonus Episode

  1. How can you like Gisèle Lagacé? Back before The Bad Webcomics Wiki moved, they were talking about reviewing Eerie Cuties, and an actual bisexual woman complained about how all of her characters were bisexual. She felt that it made the comic not diverse enough and that it was creepy when the characters acted uncomfortable with not being straight.

    • Because one person’s view of Gisele has no bearing on whether or not we should like her.

      I just roll my eyes when people use the word “creepy” nowadays, because it doesn’t mean anything. It just means, “I don’t like that.” It doesn’t mean that there’s an actual negative connotation to her work. If people want to know what Gisele’s intent is with her characters, maybe they should ask her before assuming things.

      Besides, we were talking about Gisele’s artistic style, not the content of her comic.

  2. You were talking about giant and impractical military aircraft and I just thought I should mention the CL-1201 which was so crazy it never got past a few initial designs.

    The aircraft was so large its wingspan was as long as five 747’s (here it is alongside other proposed flying wings)

  3. Oh, God, Marry Me. AKA So Much Wall O’ Text.

    Ah, Dan Hibiki. Say what you will about the Capcom of old, but at least they didn’t sue SNK for ripping off Ryu with, *ahem*, Ryo. Instead they poke fun(or revenge depending how you see it) at SNK by parodying Ryo. Haha.

    BTW, comboing a Hurricane Kick after the Shoryuken? Isn’t it the other way around?

    • As I said, it’s just someone wanking off on his keyboard. Marry Me reeks of someone who typed his entire comic out in a text document and then had the audacity to hire a good artist to draw all of the characters standing around and doing NOTHING while they deliver the extremely contrived dialogue.

  4. Wasn’t They Live kind of about Reaganomics? Well, as perpetuated by space aliens who have infiltrated the upper echelons of society. So yeah it wasn’t super biting criticism but it was kind of topical at the least.

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