Episode 128: The Roadrunner

The RoadrunnerYep, we talk about everyone’s favorite chase cartoon. Tom and Jerry was good. Syvester and Tweety were better. But no one beats Coyote and Roadrunner! We contrast and compare with other chase cartoons, and we even talk about Ralph Wolf.

Later in the episode, we talk a little bit about Tom & Jerry as well as early television Hanna-Barbera cartoons. We also talk about Blanchard’s favorite topic, which is John Semper and Spider-Man. We have a mini discussion about John K. and even engage in the riveting topic of how Jefferson Airplane became Jefferson Starship.

Yep, it’s gonna be one of those rambly episodes. Oh, but they’re all rambly.

9 thoughts on “Episode 128: The Roadrunner

  1. Since you asked for requests in this episode, I think you should do an episode on Adult Swim. I suggested a long time ago that Moral Orel would make an interesting subject; I feel that it’s one of Adult Swim’s more underrated shows.

  2. I find myself really enjoying the rambling episodes but I know I have asked this before but is it possible to have a link to the videos that are discussed during an episode? Listening along, it is not always possible to really follow along at times.

    Also with the impending release of Captain Harlock’s new movie and the redone Yamato series combined with the amount of work out there, would it be possible to do an episode on Leiji Matsumoto?

    • Hmm… A Matsumoto ep might be worth doing.

      I might do more links in the future. It depends. I have to remember what we watched when I do the show post, and sometimes I don’t have those notes, and I forget what I left in when I go to post the show.

      Sometimes Ben just YouTube bombs the show. I’m actually pretty selective about what I leave in, because it’s boring to listen to us watch cartoons, so I only leave in the stuff that doesn’t require listeners to see what we’re talking about. (I just assume people can use Google to find it.)

  3. The old Roadrunner cartoons are so awesome. I wonder if they have a DVD box set with all of them
    Anyway, I suggest you guys go over Digimon Tamers or Cowboy Bebop or the New DC Animation Movies. Those seem like good topics to go over

  4. You know, I never minded Coyote or Tom talking, as long as it’s funny in itself or, in Tom’s case, random accents lol. Which is quite jarring when I saw clips of the Tom & Jerry movie, with the two talking normally albeit squeaky voices. Count me in as one of those guys who wished Wile E. Coyote caught that dang bird back then.

    I want to hear you guys laughing and bashing a terrible cartoon, so my vote is Gundoh Musashi for the next podcast. Hehehe…

  5. Great episode, there is one band off the top of my head who ended up with no original members in it, and it was as soon as the second half of their first album and that is Napalm Death. So there you go, Napalm Death and Jefferson Starship, similar bands!

    I would also recommend you guys do check out Patlabor for an episode, though the tv series is kind of lengthy (47 episodes) the OVAs are decent as are the first two movies.

  6. Good show, guys. I am halfway through but wanted to comment. You’re absolutely right that so many others have failed to get the essence of what the RR and Coyote dichotomy was all about. The bending and breaking of the laws of physics in the favor of RR at the sake of Coyote’s expense is just hysterical. It makes no sense, but that’s why it is so darn funny. Too many cartoons try to make sense of things, but the beauty of cartoons is that they don’t have to follow logic, and never is that so true than in the comedy genre.

    As you guys hit on the point about the backgrounds. The commentaries and extras on the DVDs of the Golden Collections go into this. The backgrounds are beautiful. In fact, I just bought a larger HDTV and I’m intending to throw in some of these RR cartoons so showcase those backgrounds and glorious animation on the new set.

    When you talked about the CG version of RR, were you talking about the shorts from The Looney Tunes Show? Those are really lifeless. They just lack impact. And I honestly think it is in large part due to them being in CG. I just don’t think it works. It’s basically the same style of gags, but the characters lack life and emotion or something.

  7. I’d love to see an episode of Detective Conan or Lupin III (or both at the same time). And I’d even volunteer my time to talk about either show (especially Lupin in all of the various incarnations). I’d also suggest shows about Trigun and Card Captor Sakura. (Now there are two shows that are very different.)

    And there is one other show that I feel deserves its own show. I’d like to see an episode dedicated to the Star Trek animated show. The animation is rather dated, but I still feel that it was a decent show for its time.

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