Episode 127: Sailor Moon

I shall punish you!

I shall punish you!

This week, we’re joined by Kittyhawk and Abby Lehrke to talk about Sailor Moon!

Yes, after many weeks of giving it the stink eye and pulling my hair out, it’s the Sailor Moon episode. Normally, I can clean up the audio and present you with a pristine podcast. But, one of our recorders failed, so I had to default to the Skype recorder and using other recordings to fill in some of the mess.

For the most part, it sounds okay, but you’ll notice some crackling and background noise. I tried my best.

9 thoughts on “Episode 127: Sailor Moon

  1. Ah at last! I’ve been waiting for this one! First Shantae AND Earthbound release on the SAME day, and now this. This is a pretty good month.

  2. I have one small correction to make: it’s the Italian version that has the Starlights switching with their sisters, not the German version (I am German, btw). The German version of Sailor Moon actually changed surprisingly little: Usagi is Bunny, Zoisite is a woman and there was some scenes cut for the season 1 finale when it was aired the first time (no edits during repeat showings).

    Otherwise everything is intact, all the names are the original ones, the relationship between Haruka and Michiru, Fish Eye’s gender and the gender changing of the Starlights.

  3. Pfft, guys wearing Sailormoon shirts is nothing. Try bearded 30-year-old men with beer bellies crossdressing as the Sailor Scouts, while they chant “We are NOT Scouts. We are SOLDIERS!”.

    That’s horrifying already by just imagining it.

  4. I watched so much of this show. From the beginning in syndication until the end of the arc with the Dark Moon characters and (Psycho bitch) Dark Lady. It was quite the nice trip. Sadly I had no cable to watch any of the rest of what was put on CN after that, and from what I’m hearing, I’m glad I didn’t.

    I’ve always had a great fascination with this show and it kind of swallowed up my attention along with all the other 90’s anime we got(Teknoman, Dragon Ball, DBZ, etc.). It wasn’t Hanna Barbara and it had some of the same flavor as the Power Rangers. and the girls in short skirts fighting monsters was kinda cool as well. The romance elements didn’t bother me, the international flavor didn’t bother me(I thought they were in France at first, had no idea there was a Tokyo Tower that looked like the Eiffel Tower), and even if it were a “girlie” show I was glad for it to have an actual long standing story like the other action shows had at the time(Watching cop shows, stuff like Star Trek, and Batman kinda made you used to that).

    It amazes me that into the 2000’s they decided to bring the Winx Club over here and W.I.T.C.H., but no one dubbed Pretty Cure to continue the trend that Sailor Moon started and kept a sizable audience of both sexes of younger fans with. But I suppose it did set a standard that was continued when Pokemon came a few years later. Which reminds me… Are you guys gonna ever do a pokemon show?

    • You’re funny.

      We recorded ours over a month ago, and we released ours first. My understanding is that he trashes it a bit. I wouldn’t know for sure, because I don’t watch his videos.

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