Retronauts Pocket Episode 2: Captain N

Retronauts Podcast Episode 2

Retronauts Podcast Episode 2

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This week in Retronauts, it’s vidja game cartoon time! Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, and Ray Barnholt talk about what is sadly the best of the DiC video game cartoons.

Captain N was a major cash-in on the NES craze of the day. A show like this could never be made today, because of how divided the video game market is today. But back in the late 80s, Nintendo basically dominated the market in such a large way that many of the Capcom and Konami franchises were thought of as “Nintendo games”. This stigma really wouldn’t be broken until the PlayStation era.

Today, it’s actually considered special that characters like Mega Man show up as guest stars in Super Smash Bros. Back in the day, Mega Man was just as much Nintendo as Mario and Link.

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