Episode 123: Lost Cartoons

The Original Fat Albert

The Original Fat Albert

Tonight’s topic is about lost cartoons. We bend the rules a bit, because we’re not just talking about cartoons of which there may not be any physical copies. We also talk about cartoons that are difficult to find, rarely released, and locked in a vault. Sometimes they’re misplaced. Sometimes they’re just too racy to release.

This is mostly off-the-cuff not meant to be in-depth. I know there are a few that we failed to mention, but that’s where you listeners come in. Tell us what we forgot to mention in the comments. What is the lost treasure that you’d like to see found?

Inexplicably, there is a lengthy cereal discussion in the middle of the show, which goes on for about twenty minutes. Also, after the main show concludes, we have an extensive bonus segment, in which we retread the localization debate and talk about recent superhero movies. We hope you enjoy these bonus discussions.

Additional animation segments were made for the Bugs Bunny Show.

Additional animation segments were made for the Bugs Bunny Show.

The Sesame Street Crack Monster

The Sesame Street Crack Monster

A cel from the rarely-seen "Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert"

A cel from the rarely-seen “Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert”

The Land Before Time has about 11 minutes of animation deleted from the final film. Only very few traces of these scenes survive.

The Score for “Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert” was composed by Jazz Musician Herbie Hancock.

RetrowareTV does a commentary of a rare full episode of Saturday Supercade, with commercials!

By the way, I was correct. Earlier Cookie Crisp commercials don’t have the dog.

8 thoughts on “Episode 123: Lost Cartoons

  1. Well, I like Power Rangers and I’m proud to watch it. Even though, it really bad (but it will always have a place in my heart)
    Having a DVD with all the old ads, would be awesome. I will buy it in a heart beat
    I enjoy Man Of Steel, it was a ok movie. It way better then Amazing Spider-man

  2. Ben The Host. You read my mind about “Man of Steel” being a better adaptation of Dragonball Z then “Dragonball Evolution”.

  3. Ugh, man. Whenever you guys mention Fez and Teen Titans in the same sentence, I feel like beating up someone. And choking myself.

    I mean, anyone who says “Teen Titans is awesome!” is enough for me to question that person’s taste in ANYTHING. That show is utterly embarrassing for me to watch. I think I’ll call it Turd Titans from now on.

    Anyhoo, what is up with superhero parents/guardians being portrayed like crap lately anyway? First Uncle Ben’s gun scuffle, now I hear Jonathan Kent dying in a tornado, not wanting his son to help? Okaaay, now I really need to watch Man of Steel to see this for myself. I had some mixed feelings about the movie ever since I’ve seen the trailers.

  4. I hate to admit I know this, but the popular anime Strike Witches is set in World War 2 and has a couple obvious references to Kilroy is Here so the Japanese aren’t totally ignorant of the idea of Kilroy..

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