Bonus Episode: Kong/Rayearth Outtakes

Toon Makers Sailor Moon

Toon Makers Sailor Moon

We really enjoy our pre-shows and post-shows on Animation Aficionados. The episode you’re about to hear is a little of both. Recorded over three nights, these outtakes feature guests from our King Kong and Magic Knight Rayearth shows, plus some extra bits that we had laying around.

We talk about the upcoming Sailor Moon episode as well as the Toon Makers Sailor Moon. Oh, the horror!

It’s nearly two hours of bullshit just for you!

10 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: Kong/Rayearth Outtakes

    • Aficionado doesnt mean expert.
      A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

  1. I’m so glad that Saban didn’t release that version of Sailor Moon (but strangely I want to watch it to see how bad it is)
    I find it weird that people take Power Rangers seriously, I always just watch it for fun and for the cheesiness (the only time I took it serious when I was five).
    I like pre-shows, they very entertaining
    Blade Bunny sound like something that I would never read, unless someone sold me on it

  2. Oh God, that still image of that US Sailormoon cartoon looks even worse than I remember.

    Whenever you guys bring up that Antonio Banderas movie, I always have to check my crotch to see if it’s still there. Hearing Pablo explaining that movie during the Don Bluth eps back then… gave me a whole new perspective on the actor himself.

    Oh, yeah, I also use Flash too for doing drawings and stuff(also a requirement at work since I’m working as a junior animator). Most of my recent stuff on my DA are all flash. The paint tool can be a pain sometimes. Probably will try Sai next.

    Speaking of Power Rangers… Is it me, or was there some sort of Power Rangers vs. Ninja Turtles vibe when PR was released in the States? Like how kids were going “Power Rangers rule, Ninja Turtles suck!”(God that hurts like hell just writing that. God Damn.) and how it’s a replacement of the Turtles? Urgh.

    I meant no disrespect towards of PR fans like Pablo.

    • Well, there´s that PR in Space episode…”Shell Shocked” that some prefer to forget =P
      It was the whole teenagers saving the world with martial arts thing, they were mostly filling the void the TMNT had left after they weren´t on TV I guess (wasn´t in the states at the time to tell).
      I work a lot with flash at work too, but I might have to upgrade all my software into 64 bit soon, so that will require a big overhaul…

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