Episode 117: G-Gundam



Ben and I joined this week by Pablo and listener Robert Bell to talk about G-Gundam, an odd entry in the Gundam series, which fuses giant robots with professional wrestling.

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  1. It’s finally here haha.

    Guess the censors didn’t like God and the Devil being mentioned in the anime as Gundams, so we got “Burning” and “Dark” in the US. lol.

    There’s a series of Gundam tech demos called Gundam Evolve, which basically shows how the Gundams from past series will look like in 3D. Here’s one featuring God/Burning Gundam doing… er, you see for yourself:


    If you guys want some sort of “palette cleanser”(depending if you want to see a more serious mecha show), I suggest the current UC OAV, Gundam Unicorn. The animation in that OAV is 2nd only to the recent Rebuild of Eva movies, so expect some beautiful animation. Storyline wise, I’ll leave it to you to judge.

    Also, I prefer Simon being pronounce as ‘Sai-men’ instead of the literal “official” pronunciation that the Gainax gave us for TTGL. How will you feel if you’re a guy called Simon having his name pronounced as “Simone”? Not very manly, if you ask me.

    • I think we can attribute that to localization teams becoming spineless. Someone should really have said, “No, in America, Simone is not a boy’s name. Trust us. We know what we’re talking about.”

      • I know. It still needles me that they didn’t just thumb their noses and do it anyway. Like putting “Arucard” in the subtitles of the Hellsing TV series and keeping it as Alucard the rest of the time, super fans and language limitations be damned. Trying to tell a native English speaking person that their pronunciation of a non-Japanese name like Simon or Eureka doesn’t fit in with how it’s spelled in kanji is asinine. And telling them to keep pronouncing it as such in their production for a foreign audience is even more ignorant in my sensibilities.

        I heard it was to keep a pun or some such incomprehensible thing between Simon and Kamina’s names intact, but said connection makes no sense in other languages.

        I know I’m ranting but it just aggravates me when I see this sort of thing.

  2. Your explanations of G-Gundam makes this Gundam cartoon infinitly better then the tradional Gundam story line of. “Oh woe is us. We must wage war because we must!” We can’t let the viewer enjoy the mecha battles we must teach the young about the horrors of war.

    And typing about better giant robot cartoons such as Transformers Prime. I’d just noticed that the autobots on the show are Power Ranger/ Super Sentai colors.
    Optimus is the leading Red Ranger, Arcee is the Blue and Pink Ranger, Bulkhead is the down to earth Green Ranger, Bumblebee is the energetic Yellow Ranger. You have the White Ranger trio in Rachet, Wheeljack Smokescreen.

    • What I said regarding Gundam fans being warned about the series is that Gundam was the “evangelion” of its time, bringing more depth to a genre filled with fantastic super robots with magical powers and grounding it with the “real robot” genre.

      If you`re looking for that sort of serious approach, you´ll be dissappointed (just as the people that loved the mindf*** from the Evangelion series what they think of the new mindf*** free Eva movies) but that doesn`t take from the series itself at all.

      As for your PR/Sentai observation, i think that´s a bit too broad, especially if you have a “white ranger trio”.

  3. I didn’t have cable when this came on. Hell, I didn’t have cable the entire time when Toonami was properly still on the air on weekdays. But hanging with friends or visiting relatives who did provide the luxury of such a thing exposed me to this. Watching a few eps of it was a great big pill of “WTF?!” mixed with a dose of awesome. This was the anime I knew and loved.

    And I encourage super robot shows of its ilk. The kind of shows that tell you to shut up, get in the robot, grit your teeth, turn off that limit to power, and hit every button you can find to cause some excitement. You can tell I’m still an avid lover of Megas XLR… where is that Megas podcast, guys? It’s still on in every country but the USA, so I’m sure many others would love to hear what ya’ll think about it.

    I like real robot shows myself(Gundam 00 was damned good to me), but stuff like G-Gundam just scratches that itch for over the top melodrama and anime trope potluck.

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