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Hey, folks. We’re working on a special episode of Animation Aficionados for next week. In the meantime, I have a podcast recommendation for the gamers out there. It’s the final episode of 1UP’s flagship podcast, formerly known as Games Dammit, In This Thread, 4 Guys 1UP, Listen UP, 1UP Yours, and The 1UP Show. Regardless of what you call it, host Jose Otero wraps up ten years of 1UP, the best gaming website ever.

1UP was a gaming editorial website that came up out of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, of which I had long been a subscriber. EGM/1UP gained a lot of respect for me by being one of the few outlets where I felt the opinions of its editors were genuine. These were people who loved the industry but were never afraid to trash a game that deserved it. Often it cost them ad revenue in their magazine, but at least 1UP had their integrity, even as Ziff-Davis was crumbling down around them.

As EGM faded away, the podcasts became the new focus of 1UP. Many great shows have come and gone. The Oddcast, EGM Live, @1UP, and Active Time Babble were among my favorites. But it was Retronauts that became my favorite, mostly due to my on-going denial that the 16-bit era ended in 1996. Nevertheless, Retronauts is my most-often recommended podcast, and I hope the archive is preserved somewhere, perhaps on If not, then maybe IGN will allow Bob and Jeremy to host the old episodes on the new Retronauts website. It’d be a shame if 160 episode of retro gaming’s finest podcast simply went away.

But this write-up is about the final podcast on 1UP. Joining Jose is a staggering number of guests from the last ten years of 1UP. You’ll hear the voices of Jeremy Parish, Skip Pfister, Tina Sanchez, Ray Barnholt, Bob Mackey, Karen Chu, Seanbaby, and many, many more. I cannot recommend this enough.

4 thoughts on “The Last 1UP Podcast Ever

  1. Wow this is it. I’m glad Bob “Servo” Mackey is still fighting the good fight. I didn’t know they had a kickstarter, but I figured Retronauts wouldn’t die so easily. This is good news after so much bad news-death of Ebert and Lucasarts.
    Oddcast was great with Sharky and the infamous caller Ballsrog, I miss that guy. At 1up had great comic talk and taught me all about the hilarious history of Dazzler and comics in general. In the early issues she beat Cyclops and Wolverine together?! Ray Barnholt’s Soundtest, Active Time Babble, and Retronaunts were all great.

    Thanks as always for the news. I just heard Ign Nintendo voice chat. It was ok before, but Jeremy brought some crediblity to it. Yeah, I REALLY miss

    • LOL! I had completely forgotten about Ballsrog. He had been calling into the Oddcast on a near weekly basis, and it was always totally off-the-wall and hilarious.

      At 1UP was a great show, and I was sad when it ended. My favorite part of that show was the Movie Pitch. That was the one where they’d pitch movie reboots done in the style of a Michael Bay film. And they’d even make mock movie posters out of them. Someone needs to go to their blog and save all that stuff. My favorite poster that they ever did was the Ghostbusters one.

      And of course, I can’t not mention the saga of Clumsy Boba Fett, which we reference from time-to-time on Animation Aficionados. That came directly from At 1UP as well.

      Such good times. I’m downloading all of those episodes. I’ve already got all of Retronauts, Active Time Babble, and Roleplayers’ Realm. I’m going to have to get all of Oddcast and Good Grief as well.

      • “Uh aaawww maaaaaan! It’s yo boy…BALLsrogin.” I love the pauses: “Man I’m at Gamestop and uh…trying to get Halo Reach. I just traded in Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2…Uncharted, Bioshock, Gears of War 2,
        Call of Duty [more AAA titles released around Reach etc.] ….And I’m still $ 57 short! Maaan… Gamestop be rippin you off! Halo Reach under da counter…and…steal IT!”
        Ah good stuff. -DuckTales Remastered out!

  2. A shame but also not terribly surprising either, they had been gutted down to 4 people running the site at the end and while Jeremy is great on podcasts and reviewing jrpgs his editor-in-chief status at the end lead to some really meandering articles that lead me to frequent the site a lot less. Its part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of his personal blog gamespite, though that’s a lot worse in that regard than 1up ever was. It didn’t help.

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