Episode 115: Burning Bacon!

Nobel Gundam awards you

Nobel Gundam awards you

Sorry about being light on episodes lately. We canceled a couple shows, so we stitched together some outtakes and made a sort-of extra episode. In this one, we talk off-the-cuff about story structure and writing characters. In particular, we talk at length about the silent loner character and how he is all but forgotten in today’s world of massive back-stories and overblown character arcs that don’t actually tell us anything interesting about the characters themselves.

Then we switch focus and talk to Pablo about G-Gundam. This is not an official topic show about G-Gundam, so anyone who wants to appear on such an episode is still invited, although we’ve gotten many requests.

Oh, and we talk about Spaceballs a lot. Because why not?

6 thoughts on “Episode 115: Burning Bacon!

  1. Wait, that was Lois Lane in the Unbound trailer, I thought that was a random lady. (she don’t look like Lois to me). Also I agree that Superman design isn’t that great.
    Really don’t like the new52 Superboy, he to whining for my taste (alone with Superman and Supergirl). Do wish he turn back to the old one
    Why you putting logic in G Gundam for? That show throw logic out of the window in the first episode. To enjoy G Gundam, you have to embrace the madness

  2. I sure hope they don’t make an adaptation of Batman: Odyssey.

    Because that’ll be *ahem*… Bat-shit insane.

    On the subject on Gundam, if you think Gundam Wing is Yaoi bait, you should check out Gundam 00. My God.

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