Bonus Podcast: Crossoverlord – The Retrospective

The Crossoverlord

“Hey, Double-M! We’ve got our own podcast!”

This is a show about a webcomic series. We’ll back to our regularly-scheduled nonsense next week. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this special video presentation (actually, it’s more like a slide show) about this comic project that Ben and I worked on a few years ago.

There’s also a podcast version, if you don’t want to be glued to your screen, but we strongly recommend the video.

Crossoverlord was a labor of love and something I’ve become very proud of. We’ve never before told the story of how this comic came to be, and so here we are to tell the tale.

Joining Ben and me are Al Schroeder of Mindmistress, Abby of Green Avenger, and Remus of Indefensible Positions. It was an honor to work with these wonderful people, and I was happy to finally put something together that the fans could enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Bonus Podcast: Crossoverlord – The Retrospective

  1. Very good detour content for AA. I have never read and of the web comics mentioned but I enjoy a good conversion where people are talking about their projects.

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