Episode 112: Mario Cartoons

A rough approximation of the animation staff on these shows.

A rough approximation of the animation staff on these shows.

It’s-ah Animation Aficionados! Woohoo! Thank you for playing our podcast! Who’s next?

Oh, the selection we have for you today. We’re covering four shows; one produced by Ruby-Spears, and the rest produced by Dic. Get ready for some pasta jokes and some gaming lore, because we’re about to stomp all over the Mario cartoons!

Joining us this week is friend of the show, Pablo Praino. We have an hour’s worth of fun just for you. …and you! …and YOU!

We talk about:
Go! Go! Gadget Crossover!
Mario’s nightmare: can’t stomp enemies
Yoshi is an idiot
Thin Luigi
Princess Toadstool’s Popeye arms
Blame it on King Koopa
Creepy pasta
That’s a spicy meatball!

5 thoughts on “Episode 112: Mario Cartoons

  1. According to IMDb, Peter Cullen did the voice of Eddie Spenser Jr. in the Ghostbusters animated series. Yes, the “fat guy”, but not Jake Kong Jr (Pat Fraley) or Tracey the Gorilla (Lou Scheimer). Just saying…

  2. Man, every time I listen to your guys podcast, I learn something new. I have no idea Mario have an anime. Also the King Koopa and King K. Rool thing, blow my mind away.

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