Bonus Episode: More Sonic Stuff

This is the true and original Sonic.  All other Sonics after this are invalid.

This is the true and original Sonic. All other Sonics after this are invalid.

Due to a busy week and poor planning, the Animation Aficionados have taken the week off. But we still have a podcast for you. We have the remainder of our conversation with The Chu as well as an extended version of our reactions to the Sonic fan film, which was released after we had recorded the last episode.

Yes, it’s just us complaining for over an hour, but your reward for this is Stardust Speedway.

Cute Sonic
Beep! Beep!
The actual Knuckles!
Lolcow theater
Ken Penders is crazy
The most offensive web reviewers
The banana fits perfectly in the hand, the mouth, and…

Hardly edgy, is it?

Hardly edgy, is it?

How may I serve you?

How may I serve you?

Beep!  Beep!

Beep! Beep!

We stand on the shore of the cosmic ocean, Tails.  Billions and billions.

We stand on the shore of the cosmic ocean, Tails. Billions and billions.

He's just waiting for a ride

He’s just waiting for a ride

True fact: The color of Sonic's shoes are based on Santa Claus.

True fact: The color of Sonic’s shoes are based on Santa Claus.

20 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: More Sonic Stuff

  1. I think I find a Sonic cartoon that is perfect, it take place in the Sonic Unleashed. It just eleven minutes of Sonic not talking and not being serious. (also it feel like a old cartoon)
    I really don’t like people sex up cartoon animals or kids, it just strange and sick. I can’t even look up a picture of Renamon to show to my friend, without coming a cross hundred of furry fan art of it (That with the safe search on).

    • Honestly? That’s far closer to the cutseyness that Sonic SHOULD have versus to everything else done with the property.

      Pablo put it best in that it’s like a child wanting to eat at the grown up’s table.

  2. I was way more of a Mario fan than a Sonic fan growing up (not that the cartoons were any good in retrospect, I must add), which is reflected in my almost complete lack of experience with any of the Sonic shows mentioned….but I still had fun trying to imagine what most of them were like while hearing this ongoing discussion.

    As for Escaflowne, since that series came up again…the show extensively deals with the power to manipulate fate and is largely set in a fantasy setting where travel between worlds is possible. From that perspective, I didn’t have much of a problem maintaining some suspension of disbelief when the more silly ideas started to appear, such as having a specific type of blood with the power to grant luck. Is it unrealistic? Of course.

    Also, I thought the part where they refer to Isaac Newton as the past identity of a certain character made a little more sense in context, though it’s not exactly too important either. I’d even consider that to be trivia and could take it or leave it myself. There were a few episodes I remember not caring for, to be fair, but overall I thought most of them were good.

    • I’m in the same boat. I skipped the Sonic cartoons entirely, because I just wasn’t really a Sonic fan at the time. I didn’t even get a Genesis until 1996, when stores were practically giving them away. I had played the games here and there and had fun with them, certainly.

      I was getting into anime at the time, so I recognized the style of Sonic as having some kinship with some of the cuter shows I was watching. I caught some of the cartoons afterward and found them utterly baffling. Even more so than the Mario cartoons.

  3. Whenever stuff about funny animals comes up things are bound to get weird. But I think it’s truly entertaining seeing people horrified reactions to creepy fandoms, if anything makes for a funny episode.
    The more I hear you talk about That Guy With Glasses makes me very glad that I know next to nothing about those guys, and regarding The Amazing Atheist I don’t think he’d ever be dangerous he’s more the verbally abusive rageaholic kind and he’s very much aware of that so I wouldn’t bet on him.

  4. Also since it’ came up again, regarding Escaflowne, the Isaac Newton angle isn’t that absurd, the dude devoted a lot of time investigating the occult so there is that.
    And since we’re already here I really recommend hbi2k’s Escaflowne Abridged series as a companion to the real series, it’s very well constructed and witty it’s an actual parody, you may either really hate it of find it funny, first episode:
    Come to think I wonder if you guys would ever cover Abridged series in one of your episodes.

  5. I don’t like the film either, but the Sonic fan movie took a lot of work. If we scorn them, people will stop making fan works.

    I like fan works.

    I’m not going to leave any comments, though.

    • a better example is Star Trek…. Neil and I both recently watched Star Trek The New Voyages, and we both agree is fanwankery bullshit beyond redemption.

      We then both watched Star Trek Continues and we both agree it’s a far FAR better reinterpretation of TOS.

      For years I’ve called New Voyages fanwankery garbage.

      • I give no credit to this film. But I don’t mock it either. If you want better fan works you should spend some time with constructive criticism. I didn’t find anything constructive in this podcast.

        • I didn’t find anything salvageable in the movie. The whole thing was a fanwank with no attempt to be anything otherwise. Why should I be constructive to someone who quite frankly writes with an agenda? Especially if I will be shouted down anyways by the indoctrinated masses?

        • Let me elaborate a bit more. I think Neil summed it up best: Fans get to make shitty fan projects as long as we get to mock it. We did cover things they did wrong: The goddamn army guys, the world in ‘zones’, the individual quills; the actual CGI not being well-animated by the virtue they had no animators working on it. These are all observations we offered, thus we did offer ‘constructive’ criticism. Perhaps under a veil of disgust and anger, but those were criticisms we offered, and they are 100% valid. You can’t claim that we never said those things.

          • I don’t know what there was to criticize, honestly. What I saw was not a story. It was like a series of events taken from the game and assembled into some sort of chronology, but that’s not a story.

            It was like there was no real plot. Not actual beginning, middle, and end. Just a series of events assembled around a premise that doesn’t go anywhere.

            There weren’t even any real characters. I didn’t know why I should care about any of them.

            I don’t even know where to start criticizing this, because honestly I don’t sense that the people who made it even had a vision of what the story should be about.

            I would give credit to good fan projects, and there are plenty of them that I don’t need to encourage stuff like this.

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