18 thoughts on “Bonus Content: The Sonic Fan Movie

  1. Yes, that was bad. (but I kind of like the robotnik) Why do people keep putting Sonic in the real world, it just don’t work. I guess the only fan made things that are good is Team 4 Star

  2. I saw one frame of this. I saw one frame of this and my head hit my damned desk. Michael Bay meets Sonic.

    The character’s a damned cartoon… You ingrates. A cartoon character… Gritty and dark and realistic and filled with explosions WUT?!!

    I refuse to look at it. I like my childhood not to be prison raped by other “fans”.

    Goddamn… I feel dirty, man. Ken Penders throws a bitchfit and wants all his toys outta the sandbox he’d given away. And it messes up Ian’s setups. Sega has no idea what to do with their own stinking mascot(keep making 2D games with 3D graphics, you twats and throw story to the wind), and the fans… the terrible fans are quicksand.

    Can we pass this crazy torch on to the Megaman fans please? Or at least make the Pokemon fans torch burn a little brighter?

      • Hmmmm… no.

        I would rather play every werehog stage of Sonic Unleashed. I would rather play Street Fighter the Movie: the game. I would rather play Sonic Labyrinth. I would rather sit through all of Teen Titans with a terrible Japanese dub and the original Thundercats with every character being played by Snarf.

        I would sooner defend anything 4kids ever did with anime than touch that movie with a ten story pole. I’d watch AoStH again all the way through(which I’ve outgrown like people outgrow footie pajamas) rather than look at the dreck these people have made.

        I’d gladly watch every zombie movie made in the last ten years… and I hate the Mary Sue monster known as the zombie with the intensity of a hundred exploding suns.

        I’ll defer to your experience on this. You’ve seen it. That’s enough collective horror for me. Like the guy who came back from war and tells me stories bad enough to make me never want to go.

        Oh… and on another note about something actually good; are you guys gonna discuss the Dark Knight Returns animated movies in depth?

  3. What’s funny is Neil always complained about “Getting these damned Army guys out of my Transformers movie”, yet I feel that’s a FAAAR more natural fit than “these damned Army guys in a Sonic movie” And yes, I am fully aware that G.U.N. IS in one of the games.

    • It may be so, but it’s still wrong in Transformers.

      In Transformers, the Autobots are the heroes. “Hey, I know,” says Michael Bay. “Let’s have the Marines kick a lot of ass instead.”

      What if we did that for other properties?

      Hey, who’s gonna stop the Joker? Batman? Nah, the police can handle him. Batman’s just helping them out a little.

      Hey, Goldfinger’s breaking into Fort Knox. What should we do? Rely on James Bond? Nope. That’s what we have the armed forces for. They got it under control.

      Why have heroes in our movies if the military and the police get to kick most of the ass?

  4. Wow…

    Well, that was fun. Now I’m kinda tempted to ask you to watch Dusk’s Dawn, the first full length fan-created episode of My Little Pony.

  5. The writer/director also made a Megaman movie a few years back if you dare to watch that and that one is around 1 hr and 15 mins. The creator wanted to put all his friends into a movie it seems but I liked it better when Sam Raimi did it in Evil Dead.

    • Sam Raimi was a real film maker who invented lots of shooting techniques. These other guys are people that can’t even bother to hire an animator to animate a fucking animated character, thinking just throwing a graphic designer on Maya was enough.

  6. Not going to hate on this fan movie because it is a fan movie and with far more effort and ability put into it than anyone reviewing it and way more than I could do so who am I to dis it? I applaud the guy for being able to create CGI on that level on his own power and sticking with something he felt strongly enough about to create. Being an artist of any kind isn’t easy when you have to expose it to the world for others to view and often it’s those less talented who are the first to throw the first criticism.

    So, is it the best? No, but why would it be. It’s fan made, not studio made. Big ups to the guy for trying.

    • Shawn, we don’t expect it to be the best. We expect it to be watchable.

      I give a lot of leeway to things produced by little guys.

      This movie doens’t even have a real story. You don’t need Hollywood special effects to have one of those.

    • Ok, let me get this straight… you’re using the “The guys making the fan movie have more ability than the guy reviewing it, so the guy reviewing it should shut up” defense.

      Using this defense… TGWTG should be shut down right now. Doug Walker never made a movie anywhere near as complex as Batman and Robin, and he’s allowed to shit on it? When he made Kickassia? For shame!!

      Anyone is allowed to say how they feel about anything, and your infantile defense of it with the whole “I don’t see YOUR movie!” is absurd and actually certifiably insane.

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