Episode 109: Ren & Stimpy

"Look sharp, Stimpy!"

“Look sharp, Stimpy!”

We’re joined again by Bob Mackey, host of Retronauts. This week, we talk about Ren & Stimpy. We retread some of the same stuff we discussed with Spazkid, but more indepth with the show as opposed to John K’s cartooning philosophies.

We talk about the whole run. The original Spumco seasons, the Games era, and Adult Party Cartoon! We talk about the transition of power that took place prior to season 3 and why the series took a nosedive after John K was relieved of duties. It’s all here.

The political stance of John Arbuckle
The dirty deed
40 minutes is too long for Ren & Stimpy
George Liquor! American!
Dr. Mr. Horse
Powdered Toastman for President
The animation of John 2K
The Battletoads four-player race
Sierra adventure games
And a bit more about Spider-Man (because you never get enough!)

George Liquor!  American!!!

George Liquor! American!!!

"My foist material possession!"

“My foist material possession!”

Powdered!  Toast!  MAAAANNNN!!!!!

“Leave everything to me!”

Maybe referencing that one Bob Clampett cartoon wasn't such a good idea.

Maybe referencing that one Bob Clampett cartoon wasn’t such a good idea.

This is so much worse than I remembered it.

Ren & Stimpy – Worm Food

Taken from "Stimpy's Invention"

Actual production note from Nickelodeon: “Change duck to woodpecker.”
John K’s response: “No.”

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