Episode 107: Guilty Pleasures

The unloved Tom & Jerry cartoons.  Are they really that bad or just misunderstood?

The unloved Tom & Jerry cartoons. Are they really that bad or just misunderstood?

This week, Kittyhawk returns! We talk about guilty pleasures. These are cartoons that we love in spite of being less than polished and perhaps even a little reviled. Every cartoon lover has a small list of shows that are loved in spite of their problems. It’s the closest we come to nostalgia, but hey, at least we’re honest. These are not good shows. We’re not going paint them with a rosey shade of nostalgia paint. We’re just here to confess our sins.

Gene Deitch’s Tom & Jerry
70s and 80s Hanna-Barbera
Ruin Explorers
Love Hina
…And one confession from Neil that brings the house down

11 thoughts on “Episode 107: Guilty Pleasures

  1. I remember watching Stripperella in high school, but I don’t remember if it was good or not.
    My guilty pleasures are American Dad, Girls Bravo, Tenchi Muyo, Tiny Toons, Later Seasons Of The Simpsons, Naruto, Fairy Tail and The Amazing World of Gumball. I think that is all of them
    I can’t believe that Oh My Goddess! manga is still going on, it almost the same age as me
    Anyway, great episode

  2. 16 mins in, and I’m surprised Ben hasn’t just come out of the webbed closet, and revealed he LOVESSSSSSSSSSSS Spidey 94.

    I love Mega Man the writing was moreso cheesy then actually bad!

  3. Good podcast, as usual.

    That said, a few of the shows you guys and Kittyhawk mentioned are still pretty good in my opinion, and not really guilty pleasures from my personal perspective. They accomplished what they set out to do and did so in a way I could sincerely enjoy. Can’t say I feel they are “awful” or “guilty” in that sense.

    But that’s natural, I guess, whenever this sort of discussion comes up. Like how I actually don’t have a problem with the ending of Escaflowne.

  4. I like Ruin Explorers and I have nostalgia goggles glued onto my eyes for Love Hina too.

    Some of what ya’ll liked made sense to me. Megaman… it had a few moments. But nothing excuses those Tom and Jerry eps. And as far as I’m concerned… Angelic Layer is my guilty pleasure. Clamp doing shonen and rotting the teeth out of your mouth with the sweetness of it all.

    Stone me if you will.

  5. I really liked Love Hina, you do get invested in the characters, but I read it back when I was much more innocent and by that I mean ignorant of the many tropes of that genre, upon reread is very jarring even if you do still like the characters.
    Clamp has a lot of “fuck you” endings you kind of get used to them, I did like Tokyo Babylon ending though. Regarding Tsubasa ending, the thing is Tsubasa don’t exactly end so much as it just stops along with xxxHolic, like X, kind of.
    Escaflowne is probably one of my favorite anime series, but that ending really infuriates me, so much so that I really couldn’t watch it for years. That is until I watched hbi2k’s Vision of Escaflowne Abridged series that pretty much corrects that ending and is a ton of laughs, highly recommend, if you are at all inclined to watch an Abridged series that is.
    Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures and High School of the Dead are very much my guilty pleasures.

    • Yeah, I remember enjoying The New Adventures of Johnny Quest in its original run. I bought the first volume on DVD, so I’ll see how I feel about it now.

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