Episode 103: The Disney Afternoon

Disney Afternoon Gang

The Disney Afternoon Gang

Hey! We’re here again with The Chu from Raizap and Rick from The United States of Geekdom. We’re talking about the Disney Afternoon. We’ll be going through the block from its earliest inception all the way to when it fell apart. It’s eighty minutes of us talking about furry bait characters, chipmunks dressed like Magnum PI, and Jim Cummings.

Next week, we’ll have a special Black Friday episode. Don’tcha dare miss it!

3 thoughts on “Episode 103: The Disney Afternoon

  1. Yes! Looking forward to this one. I truly enjoyed the Disney afternoon. It was something I would watch with my younger brother. The animation was very good and the stories were engaging. Disney did a great job and they ruled the afternoon after-school cartoon block for a while with their shows. DuckTales is still my favorite, but I was also a fan of Darkwing Duck. My little brother even had some of the toys, which I recall being very cool, like Darkwing’s jet.

    • Yeah that jet was cool. I guess mine was Rescue Rangers, until Darkwing Duck came along. The RR opening and ending themes were explosive, especially with the Ranger blimp flying in a lightning storm for the opening. Talk about starting a cartoon with a bang! I love the high notes played in the ‘harder” closing, just sounds like someone’s rocking out on a Casio keyboard. I didn’t realize Dale’s shirt was a Magnum PI reference until a few years ago, I have shame. That’s what I get for never watching that show past the intro.

      As for Darkwing Duck, for a few months in the 90’s he was my favorite superhero, if you can even call him that.

  2. The Disney Afternoon was my freakin’ life for years. I’d sit in front of the TV every time to catch Darkwing Duck or Gargoyles. Even Aladdin was entertaining. The comedies didn’t appeal to me at the time, as I liked Looney Tunes more, but Goof Troop was something nice in the background while I did my homework.

    Also, the less said about Marsupilami and the Mighty Ducks, the better.

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