Episode 102: Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Howdy, boys and girls! This week, our very late episode is about Golden Boy! Golden Boy is an anime OVA series from the 90s about a pervert with a heart of gold. It also has a lot of fan service for the perverts at home!

Joining us tonight once again is Pablo. We’ll be discussing our thoughts on this hilarious series. We all agree that it’s something you need to check out. Golden Boy is truly golden.

Also, after the show, we have an additional 35 minutes of us talking about nonsense, though there is a lot of cartoon-related discussion.

Kintaro’s obsession with toilets
Boner jokes
Jiggly boobs
Vibrating motorcycles

The Toilet

Kintaro suddenly realizes that beautiful women sit on toilets.

Nice butt

Expect to see this angle a lot.

Serious Face

Kintaro goes off-model when important things happen.

The Bimo

Unfortunately, I don’t think Ben will let me show the screen capture of this character that I wanted to show you.

swim teacher

So here’s the swimming instructor instead. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Episode 102: Golden Boy

  1. The comment Ben made in the pre-show about G4 needing to put up more tech shows like Ben Heck in order to save itself was funny because it was the exodus of the TechTV staff from G4 to places like Twit.tv and Revision 3 that made helped create Ben Heck’s show.

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