Episode 101: Possumus Woman!!!

Possumus Woman

Possumus Woman

Yes, kiddos. It’s another movie night. But this ain’t no cartoon, dude! It’s Possumus Woman! One of the greatest low-budget movies ever made. We’re again joined by the Kittyhawk, and we regale for you the tale of watching this amazing movie, which you can actually download for FREE!!!

We also talk about the apparent demise of DC Nation after the movie review, so those of you who came for cartoon talk will get your share. Don’t worry, this IS Animation Aficionados, so we’re going to talk about animation, eventually.

But in honor of Halloween, we couldn’t let a chance like this escape!

Drunk Girl

“It’s headed toward the RESOOOORT!”

Rare Plant

The extremely rare Marcupoflias Plant!

Possum 'B" Gone

Possum ‘B’ Gone!!!

It's fuuuuuurrrr!!!

“A phylum I’ve never heard of before! But it’s fuuuuurrrr!”

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