Episode 100, Part 2: Slayers TV

Slayers TV

Slayers TV

At long last, it’s the second part of our Slayers special! Joining us tonight is The Chu. We talk about the Slayers TV series, which spans an epic 104 episodes! Three back-to-back seasons were made back in the 90s, and then an extra series of episodes were released in the 2000s, several years after the original series.

We also have an extrended pre-show, in which we talk about time lines and story chronology, and we talk about why some people don’t understand that trying to make everything fit together ruins the story more than it helps. Somehow, we resisted bringing up Star Wars.

Topics covered:
The Slayers (TV series)
Slayers Next
Slayers Try
Slayers Revolution
Slayers Evolution-R
Slayers Royal
Lost Universe

5 thoughts on “Episode 100, Part 2: Slayers TV

  1. I didn’t think this episode was long, it was just right
    Your pre-show make me remember how silly I was when I was a kid. I remember when I first watch Tail Spin and try to connect it to Jungle Book LOL!
    I agree with The Chu about Zel and Sasuke. For me, Sasuke is the most boringness character in Naruto with no redeeming characteristics. (I’ll stop there, since this isn’t about Naruto) Now, with Zel he is a cool character cause he isn’t above being silly once in awhile and isn’t down in the dumps all the time
    Anyway, the reason why Lina is in her OVA outfit in royal is because the game is base on the light novels. In the light novel, she wear the OVA outfit when she met Gourry, she have it for awhile until volume 5 where she switch it out for the anime outfit. (man, I feel like a Slayers nerd)
    Also the light novel was release by Tokyopop, sadly they only release the first half of the light novel 🙁
    My favorite Slayers episodes are QUESTION? He’s Proposing to THAT Girl! & A Wild Rumor! You Can’t Have Smoke Without Fire?
    I love how that random guy fall in love with Lala (Gourry) and then he didn’t mind that Gourry was a man after founding out the truth. In Without Fire, I just love how Filia just go on a rampage with Godzilla roars to boot
    Man, this was a long post, sorry about that
    Anyway, another awesome episode, keep up the good work (sorry about any typos)

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