Episode 98: Ghostbusters

Tonight, listener Tim Silvers joins us to talk about Ghostbusters.

The REAL Ghostbusters

Real Ghostbusters or Faux Busters? Hmm…

10 thoughts on “Episode 98: Ghostbusters

  1. How Dare you badmouth one of my favorite series as a kid without watching just ONE EPISODE?!

    Just kidding, guys. But I did like the show back when I was a kid, hoping for a crossover with the REAL guys. I also got to see the live action show once.

    So, yes, filmation at its best (as in worst) doing even the PSAs at the end.

    Mmmh….I believe the girl you mentioned was called Futura and was…wait for it…FROM THE FUTURE!!!! *GASP* and she was one of my childhood crushes or something…

    So, yup, all agreed. I did follow the show because here it aired on a more regular basis than the REAL etc that only aired once a week. However, the “pilot” movie that I had to rent in vhs back then bored me even as a kid. The wacky stuff from every episode was just that, wacky stuff. It was all wacky. But not something I look forward to re-watching. Btw, that large nose of the blonde guy? It could sniff ghosts. No, really. It´s his ghost detector thing.

    As for extreme, I didn`t care much when it was on, but did get to re-watch the final crossover episode. It wasn´t a bad concept, but it was too forced and could have been done better.

    All that said, I`m still amazed you did ghost trap someone into doing the Filmation episode 😛

    • I can’t believe we did it either. I set the whole thing up, and I don’t know what we would have done if Tim had double-checked to make sure which show we were covering. I was biting my lip right up until the show introduction.

      Futura CuteAh yes, Futura.

      As you know, I have my rule that the leotard chick is officially the sexiest chick in any cartoon, and I guess Futura is an affirmation of that rule. On the other hand, it’s not like she has any competition, and she never truly did anything for me. There were times when she was certainly cute, such as in the image to the right. But that’s a rarity in this cartoon. I’m guessing that Lou was off his meds that day and wasn’t around to keep the animators in check. A sexy girl got loose.

      Futura UglyMost of the time, Futura looked like this. Note the thousand-yard stare. What’s she looking at? I don’t know.

      And what expression is that? Try to make that face in a mirror. You can’t. There is no facial expression that looks like that.

      Oh my god, this cartoon has the deadest faces I’ve ever seen.

        • So when the ghost smog monster from the last episode of Extreme Ghostbusters ate the twin towers, it took Ghost Central with it.

          Oh, oh! And when the REAL Ghostbusters beat the smog monster (off-camera, I might add) and freed everyone who’d ever been trapped inside of it, maybe they also freed the missing the fathers from the Filmation Ghostbusters. Yes, I’m retconning this in my head and calling this canon.

    • Yup!

      The episode is called “The Spirit of Aunt Lois”, in which Ray’s aunt hires a phony Ghostbuster to get rid of her ghost problem. He holds a seance and does a bunch of cheesy parlor tricks to make it seem like he’s talking to the ghosts. At one point, Egon says to one of the other Ghostbusters that the Faux Buster’s equipment isn’t designed to talk to ghosts but rather annoy them. So yes, they were taking a rather mean stab at the Filmation stuff.

      Ben tells me that Filmation actually pitched a Ghostbusters cartoon to Columbia and even had character designs. I wish I had them. I’d have posted them here. Shocking that Columbia turned them down and went with DiC, I know.

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