2 thoughts on “YouTube Special: Fair Use

  1. Hey guys ,

    I can’t say I agree with you on the lets plays you said at the beginning of the audio that reviewing movies and spoiling the story is wrong well a lot of games now are very story driven not getting into RPG’s like Final Fantasy etc but the Legacy of Kain series , Alan Wake or even newer titles like Darksiders or Assassins Creed are full of story that if you watch a lets play spoils the whole experience yes playing the game counts but so does a good story. I can understand a quick review (with no spoilers) of a new or retro game or recording a multiplayer event that does not spoil the story , so I think games should be treated the same as movies whether that’s a good or bad thing when coming to review it.

    • Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. It could be argued that it’s a different type of medium, but I don’t think that carries over to whether or not it’s actually legal. Personally, I think the only reason that let’s play videos seem safe is because the video game companies don’t seem to give a crap, but I think if Nintendo started filing DMCAs, there’d be nothing anyone could really do about it.

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