Episode 91: Sports Anime

Ookiku Furikabutte's Maria

Play ball!

We’re joined this week by Kittyhawk, who has just landed in Australia! We talk about sports anime, a topic that we expected to be filled with sweaty, half-naked people and strangely erotic training montages. What we got was a bunch of soap operas with sports as a backdrop.

If you like sports, you might be interested in some of these. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you like baseball, soccer, rugby, kickboxing, wrestling, tennis, or even majong. (Yes, majong.) We also cover some of the manga.

After the show, we have our now-standard bonus segment, where we get an update from Kitthawk and talk about the upcoming Archie Comics gender swap issue, with pencils by our pal, Gisele Legace!

Trying out for the WWWA
We’re going to Koshien!
Three hours of commercials occasionally interupted by a football game
Where have all the sexy sports anime gone?
Battle Athletes: Too loli to be enjoyed
Ayane’s High Kick really sucks
Secretariat The Animated Series
There’s that bear again
Wiping out the dinosaurs
Archina and Jugs
If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college

Battle Athletes

This show makes me feel dirty.

Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis

Sabrina's Boobs

A nice zoom-in on Sabrina’s boobs, cleaverly disguised as a close-up on Salem! We see what ya did there, Gisele!

3 thoughts on “Episode 91: Sports Anime

  1. So, what happened to Slam Dunk? I know you guys talked about most other sports manga (especially Yawara), but what about basketball manga?

    • The only other manga/anime that I would also mention is Initial D, which is about drift racing (which many would argue is not a sport). I have not watched all of that anime, but I did like the parts that I watched. I just do not have the budget to own all of the anime that I want to. Otherwise I would have bought all of Urusei Yatsura, and I would also have ordered Yawara when AnimEigo was selling it.

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