Stripcon 2012 Special

Chow down, Fes!

Yeeeee-ha! Fes is gonna chow down on that big ol’ burger in today’s very special podcast!

This week, we go EPIC LENGTH!!!! Over two-and-a-half hours, just for you!

We start off with a podcasting panel from this year’s Dallas Stripcon! On the panel with Ben were Fes of The Webcast Beacon Network, Adam from The RADcast, Kyle of The Tech Tard Show, and Rick of The United States of Geekdom.

After the panel, we have a series of outtakes from 2011. We talk sodas and animation outsourcing with Kittyhawk. Then we talk about a variety of geek topics with Thomas Revor. We have a brief conversation with Mike Blanchard. And finally we GET IN THERE! with Ben Heckendorn!

Yes, it’s the Ben Heck bonus show that we promised over a year ago, and it’s totally worth the wait!

Possumus Woman

It’s time for HER to pay!

The ups and downs of pocasting
Coke vs. Soda
Fes’ gigantic burger
The circle of outsourcing
The Day The Clown Cried
As Tears Go By
Clancy Brown is always the villain
“Who the hell is Ben Heck?”
Colorized film versus 3-D conversion
Where the hell did the real George Lucas go?
Acting on the green screen
Wicker Man… comedy
Possumus Woman

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