Episode 85: Gunsmith Cats

We are very happy to have Tiffany Grant back again to talk about Gunsmith Cats! A show that is so american, it’s awesome! Like an 80’s action flick, it has chicks, guns, and cars. Rally might prefer a 9mm, but we won’t hold it against her! The best thing about Gunsmith Cats, I think is the ambiance, the sound design. Good thing Tiffany’s here to keep us on task!

Topics Covered
Getting every gun sound right
Stallone’s Cobra’s got the Touch!
Chicago land!
“No Pizza…” you know the rest!

Not Kosher

Not Kosher

3 thoughts on “Episode 85: Gunsmith Cats

  1. “Stallone’s Cobra’s got the Touch!”

    Stallone’s Cobra’s couldn’t handle the Touch! is more like it. Oh and can’t we leave this subject alone!!! lol

  2. Well, Kenichi Sonoda really needed to do more research on Chicago after Riding Bean. Who can forget the mountains right outside of Chicago? But this did get him invited to the first two Anime Central conventions in Chicago.

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