Episode 82: Dirty Pair Flash

Dirty Pair Flash

Yes, this is as badass as it looks!

Tonight we’re joined by Brett Weaver, formerly of ADV Films, and we are talking about Dirty Pair Flash, an extremely underrated anime OVA series from the 90s. Is it a reboot or a prequel? The answer is… uh… yes? (I don’t know!) But who cares?! This series is so awesome! It’s got explosions, toilet humor, tits, robots, spaceships, laser swords, and everything else you could ever ask for from a 90s anime!

Cribbing from Adam Warren
Yuri living up to her name once again
A village of Bretts
Rearry orffensive Asian stererotypes
Yes, I said that Dirty Pair Flash is better than GITS. Live with it.

Kei's boobs

You don't get transformations like this in Sailor Moon!

Warrior Princess Yuri

Warrior Princess Yuri surrounded by a village of Brett Weavers

THIS guy...

This guy's English voice is SO wrong.

Classic Yuri

Leave it to me to find the space bikini in Dirty Pair Flash!


Showing skin. There's lots of this!

One thought on “Episode 82: Dirty Pair Flash

  1. So glad you guys gave this anime love, one of my firsts in fact. The funniest thing was both my mom and sister ( 6 yrs at the time) loved it. Good times all round, cheers.

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