Episode 81: Gargoyles

I love Star Trek reunions

I love Star Trek reunions

Tonight we talk about Gargoyles, the action series created by Disney that the Mouse doesn’t know what the heck to do with. Co-created by Frank Paur and mostly written by Micheal Reaves, it is a good, solid series, if not slightly overrated by fans. We are joined by JT from Saskatoon to go over the particulars of this series.

Topics Covered
Ok ok, Greg Weisman helped too… I guess.
13 Backdoor Pilots
Star Trek Reunions
Japanese Episode to Japanese animators? Put the spurs to it!
The Green!(amigo!)
Ethnicity Not Important!
Let’s see, our organization needs hoods!
Greg always going back to Gargoyles

2 thoughts on “Episode 81: Gargoyles

  1. Good podcast. Gargoyles was a good show. I was eagerly anticipating the DVD release, but when the time came, I just didn’t buy them. I had watched each episode so many times in reruns I felt like I could recite them.

  2. I miss the old What’s On Joe Mind? podcast promo, too. I ‘still’ don’t want to listen to their podcast, but I loved their promo.

    Good show. And for anyone wanting the Gargoyles DVDs (Haze-man) you can get them on Amazon for around $20 new, but they’re running low on inventory, so you better order them soon. They’re definitely worth owning, so I disagree with Neil and Ben. The five-part Awakenings that kicked off the series includes commentaries, which I found very entertaining and informative. Did you know that they were inspired by Gummy Bears and that the original pitch for the show was for it to be much more lighthearted?

    I didn’t watch the show often because I wasn’t watching cartoons much back then, but since watching it from the beginning with my wife who enjoys the show I have found an appreciation for it. In fact, it’s quite good. But I did have trouble getting into the show when I caught it on TV because I hadn’t seen it from the beginning and there was a lot going on that I didn’t understand. For instance, I didn’t understand the motivations of the characters. I still need to get through the DVDs that I have and then track down the rest of the series somewhere, but I do feel it is sort of under appreciated, as JT said.

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