Bonus Ep: Oshii Puppet Pals

Oshii Puppet Pals

"Hey, Puppet Pal Oshii!" "Hi, Puppet Pal Shirow!"

Ben and I decided to take a few moments to address, very briefly, the episode 79 controversy. Oh, Blanchard’s in this special episode, too. Most of this conversation is comprised of outtakes from the night we were recording the finale to season 1 of Tooncast Beyond.

Aside from defining the Oshii Puppet Syndrome, we also talk about future episodes about Sonic The Hedgehog cartoons as well as a side-by-side between The Simpsons and…The Simpsons(?)! Yes, we draw an arbitrary line and compare old Simpsons to new Simpsons. Stay tuned for that one.

We also talk about Expendables 2, Battleship, Filmation, John Semper, and Popeye.

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