Episode 78: My Little Pony & Jem!

My Little Pony

Ah, girls entertainment in the 80s. Pastel and sparkly.

Stopping by this week is our old pal Kittyhawk of Valkyrie Yuuki and special guest Zuey from Destroy All Podcasts DX. Our topic is My Little Pony and Jem! Yes, to conclude our Sunbow spotlight (for now), we’re talking about the girl cartoons. Keep in mind, we could have talked about Robotix, Inhumanoids, or Big Foot & The Muscle Machines, but we decided to spare you guys some torture.

We talk about a lot of fun stuff, like the different generations of Ponies, later iterations of MLP that you may not (and should not) remember, and how the My Little Pony movie manages to be even more of a toy commercial than the Transformers movie. Speaking of which, My Little Pony: The Movie demonstrates why you should never mix animation from AKOM and Toei. Don’t do it!

We talk at length about “Rescue From Midnight Castle”, which might actually be one of the most badass things that Marvel/Sunbow ever produced. It’s a shame that the quality of MLP dropped so rapidly afterward.

And at the end of the show, stick around, because we have some bonus animation talk with our guests about obscure shit that you may or may not have heard of. One of our listeners requested that we get Robin & The Dreamweavers. Funny enough, we were already talking about that before the request was made! And guess what! Kittyhawk is going to get it for us! OH NOES!!!!

Pre-Crisis Megan

Pre-Crisis Megan


Showtime, Synergy!

4 thoughts on “Episode 78: My Little Pony & Jem!

    • I found the adaptation of Robotix into a series to be very bizarre. Apparently, an alien race went into hibernation, and the computer system they had transferred their consciousnesses into a bunch of robotic machines they just happened to have laying around.

      I watched the whole series as a movie recently, and it felt really forced to me. It could just be that it just doesn’t work as a movie. Even so, the flashbacks reveal that the point at which the humans land on the planet in the first episode is also the point at which the Robotix were awakened, which makes for altogether too convenient set of circumstances.

      The show is just utterly weird, and I feel like even if I could find a few good points, what few existed were already present in the Transformers series, namely the dynamic between Nemesis and Tyrannix being virtually identical to Megatron and Starscream.

      It really believe that there’s a good reason why the show was never picked up for a full season, because it just wasn’t that good.

      • True, it was very flawed. But I appreciate it in a nostalgic and weird way like Inhumanoids. I will say it did work better as a serial, teasing you with massive cliffhangers.

        As a kid, I liked building toys much better than action figures. It was refreshing to see a show about building sets that treated them as characters.

  1. I wonder if watching Jem as a kid influenced my choice in bizarre hair colored girls…
    Wait, I didn`t actually type this…IT WAS A HOLOGRAM!!!

    “I`m over here!!!”

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