Episode 76: The Dirty Pair!

The Dirty Pair

Kei and Yuri

This week, we talk about a classic. Ben and I talk about the Dirty Pair, a franchise that has seen animation, comics, and novels. And we talk about all of it; the light novels, the original anime, the OVAs, the movies, Dirty Pair Flash, and the Adam Warren comic series.

As you might imagine, this is one of my all-time favorites. It’s got girls with long, lucious legs in a space utopia filled with flying cars, interstellar space travel, rocket backpacks, robots, and all sorts of neat stuff!

Who doesn’t love the Dirty Pair?! Terrible people. That’s who.

This episode was recorded to coincide with the release of the new Dirty Pair movie box set, which includes both the ADV English dub and the highly sought-after Streamline Pictures English dub! Yes, it’s justice for Carl Macek. You need to buy it right now!

We’ll return to Dirty Pair in July with the DVD release of Dirty Pair Flash!

The original novel version of the Pair

The original novel version of the Pair

Adam Warren's Dirty Pair

This image may require a mop.

6 thoughts on “Episode 76: The Dirty Pair!

  1. I have never seen The Dirty Pair. Maybe I will catch it sometime. If Neil likes it, there has to be something there to like.

    I enjoyed the small bonus footage at the end of this episode. And I agree: the Marvel animated movies are total crap. I saw Ultimate Avengers because I had read the comic and I wanted to see what they would do with it. It was at least passable. I can’t say that for the newer ones I’ve seen. Since they recently added them to Netflix streaming I thought I would add them to my queue and check them out; I purposely avoided them when they came to DVD–my gut was right. Well, I suffered through Planet Hulk…the part I stayed awake through anyway. The comic is a favorite among comic readers, but the movie was forgettable. The supporting characters just weren’t interesting. Then I tried Next Avengers. It started off good, but 30 minutes into the movie I was already looking at the timer. With 45 minutes left, I just don’t think I can finish it. And now I’m afraid to watch the others: Hulk Vs. and Doctor Strange. Maybe I will just start them and stop when I can’t take the pain anymore.

    I’m looking forward to the Gargoyles show. I’m surprised you guys aren’t fans. I didn’t watch it regularly in its original run, so I have the two DVD sets that Disney has been willing to produce up to this point. So I’m going to watch the series at some point. My wife and I watch episodes together on occasion because she has fond memories of it. Having seen most of the first season I will say that I like it. And why the hate for Michael Reaves? I consider him a good writer…one of the better animation writers, in fact. He wrote some very good episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, my favorite cartoon. He did good work on Gargoyles as well.

    • Well, all I’ll say is that, as a series, Gargoyles didn’t hold my interest for very long. Especially in the second season, where there are a number of episodes that are just about Goliath and Elisa in a boat, and I felt like that was a departure from the show that I had actually wanted to see.

      And I can understand that part of the problem was that it was suffering from the same syndicated glut that a lot of the cartoons of the same era had experienced, where they had to write a large number of episodes to fill the standard 65-episode syndication number. I’m sure that’s why there are so many duds in season 2.

      But since Batman had raised the bar, I don’t really feel that that it’s okay to excuse Gargoyles for having a large number of lame episodes. Maybe if it was five years earlier, I would have been a little more tolerant of it. And since it was running against Batman a large amount of the time, it really had no chance of maintaining my viewership.

      As for the Michael Reaves hate, that’s kind of a Ben thing, so I can’t answer that.

      I will say that I’m happy to turn people on to Dirty Pair. It might be a little archaic for some tastes, so even if you don’t like that, there are other things like Captain Tylor, Crusher Joe, and Macross that are certainly a lot more palatable. I am just such a fan for the Dirty Pair that I had to fan out about it at least once on the show.

      Speaking of which, you should keep your eyes open in July for our Dirty Pair Flash show. If you think I love the original Dirty Pair, wait until we get to Flash! There are so many things we didn’t cover.

  2. Hey guys love the show, it is my new addiction. You convinced me to check out Dirty Pair now, never got around to watching it. Are you going to have Tom Revor on the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode? I really hope so because he knows his stuff. I too am 30-something and found myself pulled in. Griffins rule.

    • We probably will, but we don’t have an episode for Friendship Is Magic on the schedule yet. Episode 78 will be about the old Sunbow series, so don’t fret when you don’t hear Tom on that show.

      We’d love to have Tom on for FIM.

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