Episode 73: Tiny Toons vs. Animaniacs – Side-By-Side


There's baloney in our slacks!

This week, we record with 1UP.com’s Bob Mackey to explore Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. One was groundbreaking, creative, and hilarious…and the other is Tiny Toons. We discuss the impact of both shows, their strengths, their weaknesses, and which one ultimately comes out on top in the end. If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, then you probably know what we’re going to say about Tiny Toons…but you should listen anyway!

Topics covered
Pre-Crisis Daffy
Mary Sue Adventures
The Bloody Head Fairy
Justice For Buttons
Tongue…two…three, one…two…three
Torturing Buddy
Baby Plucky
The Wretched Clown
The Plucky Duck Show
Jaimy Kelner, television lumberjack
Don’t Stop The Sandman
It’s the 90s, time for Klax.
…While Bill Clinton plays the sax!

Li'l Daffy

Tiny Toons... just little versions of better cartoons

Tongue Two Three

Kennedy Cartoons did this. No, it doesn't look any better in motion.

Here’s “The Looney Beginning,” which is actually one of the better-animated episodes of Tiny Toons. In fact, these are the best results that they ever got from Kennedy Cartoons.

…But watch as this episode of Animaniacs completely outpace it in every way.

Also, check this shit out. This is the guy who played Wakko.

This is the most maddening thing you’ll ever hear…

A Compilation of Glen Kennedy’s ‘Contribution’ to the industry…

And finally…

6 thoughts on “Episode 73: Tiny Toons vs. Animaniacs – Side-By-Side

  1. Seriously, Ben?
    A virginity joke of a fandom?
    What´s next?
    You´re announcing your next show “THE PowerRangers” will appeal to more than just basement dwellers?

    Other than that, good show and great use of the “This is the…” song.

  2. There is a song episode that was fun honestly, I can’t remember the exactly name of the episode but it was the one where Plucky was going to the arcade, done to the nutcracker suite, The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Perhaps it is the only song that I can honestly remember that wasn’t just a cover of an existing song… which were the only ones that were mentioned in the show, but you are right, most of the show was pretty forgettable to be honest. The movie was also was a decent source for memorable songs… or at least silly ones.

    But in the end… Animaniacs did end up having a much better collection of memorable music.

  3. I don’t know if this was a fair comparison. Animaniacs is just a stand up show and I can’t think of another similar show that can go toe to toe with it. I say that as a person who likes Tiny Toons. You know a comparison I ‘would’ like to see? The Tick vs. Freakazoid.

  4. I like both at the same levels. They both have their own fun points.

    Oh, and thanks for using my YouTube Poop on Kennedy Cartoons to show what they were like! That was one reason why I made it in the first place!

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