Tooncast Beyond – Episode 17: Mega Man

Mega hi! TV’s Mr. Neil here. I made an appearance on Tooncast Beyond last week to talk about the old Mega Man series from the 90s. I’ve embedded the YouTube video below, but for anyone who wants to listen to the MP3, head on over to Tooncast’s page for the download link.

Also, we talked about this cartoon and more when Bob Mackey of the Retronauts podcast joined us for Cartoons Based On Video Games. Speaking of Bob, he’ll be on tomorrow’s episode of Animation Aficionados, to talk to us about Animaniacs and Tiny Toons.

Also, be sure to listen to Ben’s appearance on the Beacon Newcast with our friend Thomas Revor, and our buddy Kittyhawk made an appearance on the MSTieCast!

One thought on “Tooncast Beyond – Episode 17: Mega Man

  1. OK I know Ben Hates Tiny Toons, but I hope you guys are going to be a little objective with the series. At least certain parts of it, like the opening eps A Looney Beginning, and Summer Vacation. As long as you don’t bash those parts, have at it.

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