Episode 72: Batman Beyond

Tonight, we are finishing the long-unfinished DCAU series with Batman Beyond.

A dark, possible future for Batman, Batman Beyond balances out the bleak future with sly humor. Is it the “for sure” future? That’s up to you to decide.

Topics Discussed
Original Villians
Creepy Ra’s
Mad Stan Berkewitz
This Never Happened to the Other Fella
Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot!
Clown Gangs? Akira Influence?
The BatBoys from Brazil and the lost Batman Beyond movie!

6 thoughts on “Episode 72: Batman Beyond

  1. Wow, that Batman in Brazil info was wild. If you have a link to it, please post! Great episode, I was surpised no one mentioned the kick @$$ intro by one Darwyn Cooke which I thought had CGI for the longest time (turns out it was done with real models)

  2. Mad Stan was voiced by Henry Rollins not “Shooter McGavin”, as was Bonk, the bald Jokerz from ROTJ. The one the actual Joker kills in the unrated version.

  3. Great show guys ,Batman Beyond was a great follow up and closing chapter to BTAS .On another note I would like to hear your first thoughts on the new Ultimate Spider-Man compared to the Spectacular Spider-Man which series was stronger and had more going for it 🙂

  4. Another great show…the podcast and the subject matter. Batman Beyond is often overlooked. And you brought up several great points about the show, including the fact that they did create so many new villains. Some of they are pretty awesome (Shriek, Blight, Curare, Inque, etc.). Overall the villains aren’t the opposites to Terry that the Batman’s rogues gallery were to Batman. But the storytelling is very solid. The interactions we get with Terry and Bruce have depth and you pointed out how Bruce does become more confident in Terry, trusting him more and correcting him less.

    Until I listened to the show I hadn’t though much about this, but I agree with Ben that I like it as a “possible” future of Batman, not the definitive future. When things are tied up with that nice little bow, you take away something. Fans do fill in the gaps on their own and they often come up with a vision that can rarely be outdone by creators trying to fill that void (Star Wars prequels, Wolverine’s origin, etc.). And one of the biggest issues I have with that is the revelation that Terry is Bruce’s son. It is totally unnecessary and it feels tacked on. I like the idea that Bruce just reached out to a kid he didn’t know at a moment in his life when he needed the companionship. Perhaps he was trying to make up for the missteps with Tim, Jason and Dick, the former Robins? It stood well on those merits…not knowing.

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