Episode 68: Derpygate


Hasbro says: "HERPA DERP DERP DERP!"

Today’s episode of Animation Aficionados is a very special segmented episodes. We begin with a brief discussion about “Listeners Fight Back”, the first episode of which will air next week. Then, Tom Revor and Kittyhawk join us for a discussion about EDerpygate. We then feature a very special (and very long) look at the history of video game RPGs. Why? Because we’re dorks, and we love breaking the monotony.

Hasbro’s IP fetish
Vocal minorities ruin television
Other derpy cartoon characters
Tom’s brony sound board
“It’s the Sears Tower.”
Kittyhawk scars us for life with “BOOYAH!”

Bonus discussion:
Final Fantasy (all of them)
Shining Force III
Breath of Fire II
Albert Odyssey
Phantasy Star
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Arc The Lad

"Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?!"

It's the Sears Tower.

Chrono Trigger's bad ending.

The Chrono Trigger ending that EVERYONE got to see.

3 thoughts on “Episode 68: Derpygate

  1. Your Earthbound comments make me want to ask about the Persona series. Have you +/- KittyHawk played any amount of SMT (P1-3 or not)

    Also, I STILL have my original FF map + monster stat sheet AND original Lunar’s cloth map. I LOVE it and wish more companies gave ‘omake’ to US distributors.

    [It’s not fair to mention ff8 because fangasm = aeris/th is “perfect”

    ff8 wasnt as popular because it never had a chance
    if it was ff6 or 9, everyone would love it
    fuck ff9.

    also, i love Kittyhawk
    but she’s said some seriously inciting things…

    Truly, kittyhawk is like a coinflip for me.
    50% she says what I;m thinking and I laugh and love
    and often she disparages something I love, and so….

    WHOAH! yuri fanart is its own thing…
    we can play a crappy…
    i mean ‘crappy’ game
    and enjoy its lameness without mentioning its obvious lesbianism

    • No, because the lesbianism is the only thing WORTH mentioning. I don’t talk about the game on its own merits, because honestly I don’t want to play the game. Square has taken all of the exploration out of these games.

      I don’t agree about Final Fantasy VIII, either. It has more than a chance. It came in riding the crest of Final Fantasy VII. It couldn’t have asked for a better lead-in. I was working at a toy store when that game came out. That thing SOLD. It was a pretty slow burn as people came to the realization that the game just isn’t good. And it’s not just because Squall’s experience was tied to the enemy characters.

      The first of many things that offended me about FF8 was the heavy reliance on FMV cut scenes. Okay, in Final Fantasy VII, they were mainly there to get around the technical limitations of the system. FMVs would periodically kick in when a platform had to go up and down or when a major story element could not be told with the game engine. Final Fantasy VIII wanted me to watch a friggin’ movie.

      There’s also the lead character, Squall, who appears older than Cloud but is actually skewed younger. As a gamer who had grown older, so I found the character insulting. I hate that in this era of gaming introduced the sulking hero. (Not that Cloud hadn’t contributed to this. He certainly did!) I couldn’t relate to Squall at all, and that’s a huge obstacle for a game of this type. He’s the prettiest guy in the whole game, and he’s got this chick who who absolutely adores him, and he mopes. This guy has perfect hair and a knock-out physique. What does he have to be emo about?

      Oh, and I hated the magic system. I was like, “I have to draw magic?!” My friend goes, “They did away with magic points. Isn’t this better?” And I’m like, “NO! I want magic points!!!” This just adds another step to the tedium of random battles. I appreciate it when RPGs try tp come up with meta-games that they work into the stats of the characters, but this was just not fun. It was a bunch of BS that I didn’t want to deal with.

      Also, summons. Longest summons of the series. Also, they were overpowered and broken. It got to the point where I’d get into a battle with a boss and immediately cast Doom Train.

      I have not played Persona, but I was aware of the commonalities that it has with Earthbound.

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