Episode 67: Dragonball


Son-Goku, everyone's favorite super monkey alien from another planet

Last time on Animation Aficionados, our hosts Ben and TV’s Mr. Neil faced off against the mighty Knights of the Zodiac! Now the fate of the world hangs in the balance as they face off against the longest series they’ve covered yet: DRAGONBALL! Joining the AA Fighters is JT from Saskatoon of Authentic Geek as well as Pablo Praino! Do our heroes have what it takes to make it through 100 minutes of SUPER SAIYAN POWER!??!? Find out today IN ANIMATION AFICIONADOS Z!!!

Topics discussed:
Pablo remembers the urination scene
POW!!! Right in the KISSER!
Fights that last for weeks. Literally!!!
Mr. Satan saved the world
I’m just burnin’, Doin’ the Fusion Dance!
You will not hear “Rock The Dragon” anywhere in this episode
Gogeta Cheese


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7 thoughts on “Episode 67: Dragonball

  1. Certain names that y’all used for characters and locations threw me off a bit. Then I realized that certain stuff got changed in the English translation. I think that the censors changed it because of the large Christian population in the US. So, stuff like mr Satan, videl (whatever her name was before), hell, demons, that type of stuff can be offensive to some people. Other things like saying “destroy” instead of “kill” stays true for all US cartoons with that target audience. My problem is even when I think I’m watching the uncensored cut, turns out that it actually is censored.

    • I’m fairly certain that Videl’s name has always been Videl. Her name is an anagram of “devil”.

      The DVD sets that Funimation put out a few years ago (the ones that are in widescreen) are, to the best of my knowledge, COMPLETELY uncensored. That is to say that the animation itself is 100% true to the original broadcast versions from Japan, and the Japanese audio track is untouched.

      Now, the English language track is a bit sanitized, but that’s only because they adapted it from the broadcast version. And I imagine that’s easier than re-recording the whole thing a second time just to have a track that’s authentic to the Japanese. However, even though it’s closer to the broadcast version, there’s definitely a step up in adult language (nothing too offensive) and the original character names have all been restored. Mr. Satan is NOT called Hercule in the DVD version. He is MR. SATAN. And when Gohan is naked after squashing Vegeta, you actually see his… little Saiyan. So the DVDs are as uncensored as you’re going to get.

      Of course, my favorite thing about the DVDs is that the English dub that they have uses the Japanese music track, so you don’t have to listen to that awful score that Funimation used for Toonami. Hooray!!!

  2. I really like Pablo’s idea of changing the order of super saiyans. From a design standpoint, the final form should have been SS1, and the first form (SS1 or 2) should have been the final form. Leave SS3 in the middle. Interesting thought.

  3. Haha, finally! I’ve been waiting for this, I must admit my anticipation was well rewarded. Gotta admit I was one of the kids that was introduced to the world of anime thanks to Z. I never knew it was an anime as a kid until much later. A minor correction, with Goku fighting Chi-Chi he didn’t hit her, he punched an inch in front of her and used that momentum to push her out of the ring.

    Funny I love Z, but I can appreciate Dragonball for what it is, at times it was boring, but that’s only because I was exposed to Z first. The english dub is so special, ah man so much funny crap to be had. The announcer was one of the biggest reasons that I was so stoked when the show came on, he goes “Stand by for Dragonball Z, coming next!” that was hype. As much as I wanted to correct stuff that was mentioned with Frieza and so on, at least Neil was there to get most of it, so I’m good. Thank you for stopping a GT, I stuck with it, but partially tapped out.

    One thing I’d love you guys to check is a team of guys called Team Four Star. What they do is dub alot of the Z series with their own version of it, alot of their voice actors sound very close to the originals. It’s gold, it makes fun of that english dub in multiple ways, Reminds me of those dubbed PSAs from GI Joe in a way. I believe they are now at Goku vs. Frieza.


    Anyway, it was a pleasure once again guys.

    • YEEEAAAH!!!! I forgot to mention Team Four Star. Those are hilarious.

      There’s actually one other mistake that we made that I want to sneak in here before Blanchard says it. When Ben brought up that clip of the announcer saying “Pow! Right in the kisser!”, we attributed that to Kyle Hebert, but that wasn’t Kyle. Funimation had a different narrator for their earliest dubs of the show. By the time they went back and harmonized the dub for the DVD releases (in which they also redubbed the old Ocean episodes), they had switched to Kyle Hebert, and so the clip we played isn’t even on the DVD.

      I believe Kyle came at the earlier point of the Buu Saga.

      Yeah, I did find myself being the fact checker on this episode, but mostly it seemed to be Ben getting some of the names wrong. Particularly, I kept noticing that he would pronounce Vegeta’s name with a hard “G” sound. It should be a soft “G”, which you would pronounce as a “J” sound.

  4. I am as big an anime fan as the next person. I have a fairly large anime collection on VHS tape (from back in the day when fansubs were traded on video tape). I saw a few of the Dragonball episodes on TV. But I never became a fan of that show. I’m not really sure why, but I just could not make myself like Dragonball. Mind you, I do not hate the show like I do to Shin Seiki Evangelion (or the English dub of Card Captor Sakura). The entire show is one big “meh” to me.

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