Episode 64: Batman Year One

Exiled: A Jim Gordon Story

Exiled: A Jim Gordon Story

Tonight on Animation Aficionados, we cover Batman: Year One. This is an animated movie based off the groundbreaking graphic novel and post-crisis reboot of Batman after Crisis. I appreciate what the movie intended to do, however in the end, I think the movie overall fell short.

Topics Covered:
The Art missing the rawness
Being too literal in an adaptation
Classic Noir storytelling
You either Die a hero…. or live long enough to have adaptation decay
The Catwoman Short is Better

We have some bonus material from Space Captain Steve as well!
Bonus Topics:
Toon Link is not bad
Ahnuld’s commentaries are GOLD!

One thought on “Episode 64: Batman Year One

  1. Hehe, well I’m glad I got it for free then. I liked this movie, just not Bruce Wayne so much, his voice didn’t fit to me. Now Jim Gordon was alot of fun to watch. So this movie actually followed the comic to the letter, that’s a shame since it doesn’t really leave much to the imagination then.

    One last thing, since I heard a little talk on Sesame Street I thought this would be funny for Neil
    Remember, it’s not a cookie =)

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